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Jul 20, 2016
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Im a foreigner pilot under an I 20 visa that got his prívate licence (part 141), instrument rating (part 141) -and about to get commercial (part 61).

Is it posible for me to make the corresponding hours for timebulding out of the school (at a flying club). What should i do to validate this hours?
I-20 is not a visa category, it's just the form issued by flight school to sponsor your visa. There's no need to validate hours in the US.
Remember, you need to leave the country after you complete your flight training.
In some places outside of the US (e.g. germany), hours only 'count' if they have been confirmed by someone else than the pilot. This can be a CFI or the local representative of the civil aviation authority.

What I can gather from the initial post is that Joe wants to know how he can get someone to sign off on his time-building hours that are done outside of the part 141 program. I would talk to the chief CFI of the flight school you did the training at. Find the english translation of whatever wording you need for the sign-off in your home country and have the CFI put a note in your log-book. It'll be something along the lines of: 'I have reviewed pages 5-12 of this logbook, compared them with the aircraft logs and can confirm that Mr Joe Hart in fact flew 124.6hrs in the following aircraft: ______ Max Flysalot, CFI, ATP, MBA, Dr.Phil, Chief Flight Instructor Floridas Fabulous Flight Academy INC' If the flight school has any kind of stamp, or a corporate seal, ask someone to put that below the entry. The more pompous it looks, the better.

And as mtuomi mentioned, be really conscientous about sticking to the terms of your visa. Things used to be a bit more lax with F1 visas but these days you want to be really conservative.
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...and don't use the word "flew" because the time you log in FAA and EASA are different... :)
In America what you're asking for is called a "first job" not sure how much luck you're going to have without a green card, due to our aviation culture in America there really is no shortage of US citizen pilots.

Get your CPL and look at time building opertunities in countires with a weak native GA scene, some good opportunities in Africa and Asia.