1. Tow Mater

    R-ATP or ATP?

    Hey there, I am currently a college student working on my bachelors degree in aviation and currently working on my first stage towards my ASEL Commercial license and I have had some questions recently about continuing part 141 in my flight training or not and how that would hold me back...
  2. I

    A&P Work While Building Hours

    Hello! I’m new to this forum but wanted to post to get some insight from people more experienced in the industry. I’m currently enrolled in a 12 month A&P course and am planning on finding work for an airline after graduating, then work on gaining flight hours during off time while doing A&P...
  3. justin jiron

    Free PIC hours to be my safety pilot (KAPA Denver area)

    Hey all.. Do you know anyone trying to build PIC hours? I need a safety pilot so I can get my Instrument Hood time.. I'll pay for the plane, I just need someone to keep an eye out and keep me company.. I pay, you log PIC.. Hopefully someone can help me out? I fly daily (weather permitting)...
  4. D

    Buying a plane for building hours

    So I'm currently working on my PPL. My friend/instructor wants me to buy an airplane for building hours. And quite frankly so do I. It seems like it could save me a bit of money if I am building hours in it. He drives a beater car and owns two airplanes. I also drive a beater car and have no...
  5. P

    How necessary is a CFI to break into commercial aviation?

    I'm just getting started out with my PPL. Commercial licensing is a long way off but I think this path is for me...at least I really want it to be. Anyway I am curious about the likelihood of getting hired with low hours and no interest in being a CFI because: 1) I hate teaching and am not good...
  6. HurricaneHannah

    Obtaining Hours

    Hey guys! New member here. I am currently a commercial student, and wanting to fly as much as possible. Outside of buying an airplane, I wanted to get advice on what some good routes are as far as airplane rental vs flight clubs, etc. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance :)
  7. J

    jet dream ... be honest

    Let’s dive straight into it? Why shouldn’t i buy one of these 1980 westwind jet for 240k?? Like come on i could get a type rating and fly that? What would my insurance payments be for private use with a ? And don’t laugh... one every plane post i hear people crying about maintenance? Would it...
  8. M

    Part 141 IFR Time Transfer

    Hello! I am new to the forum, but I have a question about part 141 ifr time requirements. I did my PPL part 141 and am looking to do my ifr with part 141 at the same school. Between getting my PPL, I took some cross country flights with an CFII who was not affiliated with the flight school I...
  9. CaliFlier

    Time Sharing in OC

    Looking for a pilot that lives in the Orange County area that would want to split the cost of time building. I have PPL with instrument rating building hours to get a commercial. I usually fly out of Chino in a C172S but am flexible.
  10. J

    Looking to pick up some hours before i start instrument training in Dallas.

    i have had my private pilots license for about a month now, and I’m looking to maybe meet a few people to fly with and build some hours. I did my training in a piper warrior, but I’d love to expand my training. Let me know!!
  11. M

    Old PPL training hours for sport pilot license?

    I did around 20 hours PPL training before 9/11-twin towers event, which closed the cheap flight school I was using, and maybe a couple of hours a few times in the following years on a 3d class ticket. However, I have kept up with learning, etc., via reading and flight simulator. Would hours...
  12. J

    Making hours out of the school(flying club)

    Im a foreigner pilot under an I 20 visa that got his prívate licence (part 141), instrument rating (part 141) -and about to get commercial (part 61). Is it posible for me to make the corresponding hours for timebulding out of the school (at a flying club). What should i do to validate this hours?
  13. L

    Who can log hours?

    So... Let's say I don't want to pay $200 for an hour-long flying lesson since I'm 14 and my mom has a friend who's a pilot. Can they teach me how to fly and fill in my logs or do I still have to fork over $200? Also another question, what does $76/per hour wet mean? Why would I get my airplane...