Looking to pick up some hours before i start instrument training in Dallas.

Jonathan Henley

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Dec 20, 2018
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Jonathan Henley
i have had my private pilots license for about a month now, and I’m looking to maybe meet a few people to fly with and build some hours. I did my training in a piper warrior, but I’d love to expand my training. Let me know!!
Same boat as you. Passed checkride in a Cherokee in June. Also in Dallas. Good luck finding something.
I guess I’m dense, but is the OP in Dallas or possibly somewhere else? Just because you’re starting training in Dallas doesn’t mean you’re currently there. In threads such as these, sharing a little location information is generally helpful.
Uhhhh.... if you're both from Dallas.... are both looking for someone to fly with.... Never mind.... This is too complicated...........

Kids today
In Denton and willing to safety pilot. Just reach out.