1. SkySpy

    iPad Mini 5 or Mini 6?

    I use Foreflight and my Mini 5 with Cellular just died. Do you recommend getting another Mini 5 or upgrading to the Mini 6? It must be Cellular.
  2. F

    Latest iPad Pro Vs Air? - 2022 Models

    Having been a PC and Android user for many years, I'm fairly Apple illiterate. The only Apple device I use is the EFK/iPad my employer provides. I have no idea which model it is, but I won't use it for personal use. I'm getting back into GA flying and I'd like to use Foreflight, so I'll have...
  3. M

    IPAD mini kneeboard

    I've searched through old threads but can't find anything. Has anyone found a cheap, basic kneeboard that fits the latest IPAD mini? H 7.69" W 5.3" I see several listed for earlier versions, but nothing for the mini 6. I'm trying to be a cheap pilot on this and just find something for $20...
  4. T

    USB Charger makes static in Com Radio.

    In my build of a Murphy Rebel I installed two power ports, one having two USB sockets, and one standard cigarette lighter type. All hooked to 12 volt power. When I plug in the mini iPad I get enough static to break the squelch on my Garmin GTR 200. There is no adjustment of squelch on this...
  5. P

    iPad type - What are you flying with?

    I'm getting back into flying (I've had my PPL for about 10 years) more regularly now and I'm new to Foreflight. WOW is all I have to say. I don't have an iPad (yet) but was curious what the consensus was on the iPad mini? Specifically one with data or is data not necessary? My situation: I'm an...
  6. Archimago

    Another gps question

    I know that an iPad connected to a waas gps transponder is not a substitute for a legal waas gps for ifr procedures but.... can the iPad shoot gps approaches as practice under vfr during vfr conditions with a safety pilot. If so, can someone point me to source for this? Thanks!
  7. J

    RAM iPad mount

    I am looking for a solution to mount an iPad on the bare co-pilot site, and would prefer not to drill holes in case we put actual instruments there. 3M VHB tape is one option, but I came across the below product that RAM just released. It's a magnetic mount. The obvious concern is the magnetic...
  8. W

    New iPad for Flying

    What are your all's thoughts on iPad choices for flying? I have a 1st-gen 32GB Air that's got almost no life left in it (used it every day for 4 years of school plus two years of flying concurrently) that I need to replace. I'm still eligible for Apple's student discount program (all you need...
  9. IK04

    Junk mail...

    I just receive the latest "Sporty's Ipad Pilot" in the mail. It went straight into the shredder... ..It's a sickness, I tell ya.
  10. rwy7

    iPad in twin Cessna?

    Starting to fly a Cessna 310. My friend uses an iPad Mini with the a Ram suction mount on the left lower corner of the windshield. Has anyone tried the larger iPad Pro (9.7 or the new 11) in the same location? I'm curious about the panel visibility with the larger iPad off to the left side...
  11. K

    Best iPad for Foreflight, etc.

    Looking to upgrade my boyfriend's iPad (he's got an old model mini) for his birthday. Did some research and it keeps pointing to the 10.5" iPad Pro because it's big enough screen to see a lot of map, antireflective, larger memory to download, etc. Does anyone have either the iPad Pro or the...
  12. CessnaTom

    Ipad Recommendation

    What do most pilots use? High end and budget?
  13. ShaneBoruff

    iPad Mini w/ ForeFlight: help!

    Hello, I'm going to be using the iPad Mini with Foreflight when I fly. My question is: is there a big difference in cellular data or just using foreflight with an iPad mini with wifi only. Will I be subject to less content if I have an iPad with only wifi and no cellular when I fly? Thanks...
  14. S

    Which ipad has the best GPS receiver?

    Hello everyone, What do you recommend to buy: an ipad air 2 or mini 4? They have built-in barometers. I'm not really familiar with Apple stuff. Is it possible to connect my 128Gb MicroSD card to an ipad via some kind of adapter and still have the usb port to charge it? I'm going to get one...
  15. T

    Aviation Keyboard App for ForeFlight...Finally!!

    I recently came across on article on iPad Pilot News reviewing the app FFkeyboard and was quite impressed. Why hasn't ForeFlight thought of doing this on their own?? Anyways I went ahead and downloaded it to try it and this thing is a game changer. HUGE time saver and it really helps me keep...
  16. labbadabba

    Aerovie EFB - Pretty cool

    I attended the FAA/NWS KC Weather Seminar over the weekend (I now understand Skew-T's) and @bryanheitman from Aerovie gave a nice presentation of his new(ish) EFB. Fantastic little EFB and compared to GP and FF, I feel the weather planning is MUCH more effective, especially compared to GP...
  17. Echelon SC

    Suggested gear for green part 141 pilot

    So far I've gotten an iPad Air 2 with a couple good cases (folio keyboard for notes and school work and an OtterBox for when I'm on the go), a David Clark H10-30 Headset (ancient but it's tried and true), a Noral Student Pilot Flight Bag to hold my headset, fuel tester, iPad, flashlight, med...
  18. B

    Electronics in the cockpit

    Hi everyone, I am curious to know what types of electronics you use at the helm. I'm sure this has been touched on before (please provide a link if so), but I would love to know what/how you use today's gadgets. Do you use an iPad? Tablet? Do you use any accessories for those? Any nifty...
  19. stevenhmiller

    Ram Mount Tab-Tite Cradle for 10" Tablets

    I bought this cradle for my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, but found out it will not fit. The Galaxy Note is thicker than the iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1. I wound up buying a different cradle and using my iPad Mini instead. Cost me $30 + shipping, asking $25. Make me a reasonable offer.