1. imwithtuxedo

    Dual G5 or GI275 install cost estimates

    I know the difference between the G5 and GI275 units and their respective high and low points, such as having to keep my vacuum AI with the G5’s to run autopilot, but looking for cost estimates only with interfaces with common equipment to the below: Piper Cherokee 180E Avidyne 440 Piper...
  2. S

    Black Friday Sale on Avidyne GPS Nav/Com units

  3. Calum Brown

    Dynon For the Win!

    Wow we're super busy with the Dynon and Avidyne Installs, they're turning out to be a great package together! I can't wait for the autopilot to be STCd in more aircraft (I know it's coming- it will help when the FAA reopens!) as the Dynon autopilot we've put in experimentals is really a powerful...
  4. Mike Bushard Jr

    For Sale Various Avionics - WSI Recievers and Sigma-Tek DG

    Hello, Cleaning out the hanger. Have three WSI Weather receivers (Avidyne) with Sirius Satellite radio ($50 each plus shipping), and a Cessna DG. DG is Cessna part number S3330-2, Sigmatek model 4000C-15, part number 1U262-042-2. DG was hooked to a KAP-140 AP. Asking $400 or best offer for the DG
  5. Martin Pauly

    My first approaches in IMC with my new Avidyne IFDs (video)

    After multiple flights in good weather to thoroughly test the installation and also to understand how to operate my new Avidyne IFDs (I now have an IFD550 and an IFD440), I found some nice weather over this past weekend to shoot a couple of approaches in the clouds. The ceilings was such that I...
  6. wheaties

    data plans for multiple vendors

    If all you have is Garmin gear, your data plan payment is fairly straightforward. What I'm curious about is what do you use if you have an Aspen 2000 w/synth vis and Avidyne IDF-440? Do you have to pay for each separately? What's that cost?
  7. A

    Avionics Stock Sale - Avidyne IFD440 - 2 in stock

    Avidyne IFD440 Stock Sale! Avionics Place, Rockford, IL. Come get a personalized demo at our shop. IFD540 & IFD440 Demo units in the lobby. Attention Pilots - We have a few IFD440's in stock that we are looking to sell. If you currently have a GNS-430 or GNS-430W installed in your plane...
  8. Velocity Avionics

    Velocity Avionics - Modesto, CA (KMOD)

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself here. My name is Tripp and I own Velocity Avionics in Modesto California. I've been consumed in the aviation world since I joined the NAVY in 1995, yet I'm just now preparing to get my pilot lic. I'm looking to purchase my first plane soon to use...