Where should I go to flight school?!

Audrey Dana

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Jun 27, 2019
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Hello! I am trying to decide if I should go to ATP flight school after receiving my ppl or if I should remain at the local flight school for my commerical certificate. I know ATP guarantees their students a job in order to get their remaining hours needed to work for an airline; my fear is that if I go with the local school I will have trouble getting these needed hours.

Overall the local school has more pros : I can do my flight school while I finish my bachelor degree at UF, I wouldn’t need to move away, I could do it at a more relaxed speed (still part 141 though), etc.

Would it be better to go to ATP or would a local school be fine in the long run?
Local flight school, for sure. I have no personal experience with ATP or any other pilot mill but I have read a lot of negative posts. I got my “needed hours” by instructing at the same school where took my training.

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And if you go for a local school over a puppy mill, the money you save can be spent on more flying.