1. Tow Mater

    R-ATP or ATP?

    Hey there, I am currently a college student working on my bachelors degree in aviation and currently working on my first stage towards my ASEL Commercial license and I have had some questions recently about continuing part 141 in my flight training or not and how that would hold me back...
  2. F

    Regional Airline Applicant with Upcoming Driving Violation. Advice needed!

    About a month ago, I got caught going 91 in a 55. 36mph over! I spoke with a couple lawyers and they said that in my county, anything over 30mph is almost a guaranteed 12 month license suspension. Some lawyers said they might be able to plea it down to a reckless driving charge. I have a perfect...
  3. S

    Best path to getting an ATP certificate as well as a 4-year degree?

    So I'm currently still in high school. I'm just trying to figure out the best and preferably cheapest way to get a 4-year degree and getting my ATP certificate. Is it going to ATP Flight School? Or a college with a program such as UVU. I live in California, so whats the cheapest/best way to get...
  4. B

    First Class Medical (VA Disability)

    Good Morning, I am reaching out today to ask some questions on what I can do to obtain a first class medical. I have recently got out of the Air Force after doing 4 years as a fire fighter. I am currently 23 years old and have received a 80% disability rating with PTSD and a side diagnosis of...
  5. J

    First of 4 Pilots indicted for lying on Medical is Sentenced.

    GREGORY JAMES CHRISMAN was sentenced 09/15/2020 to two years probation, lost his pilot certificates and it's unemployed. Chrisman previously worked as a commercial pilot, and this prosecution arises from false statements that Chrisman made on medical certifications submitted to the Federal...
  6. djmcfall

    For Sale ACS Airline Transport Pilot and Type Rating BOOK.

    I have a brand new and unused ASA soft cover study manual for the ATP FAA "Airman Certification Standards". I will take $10 either check mailed or PayPal friends. That will cover shipping paid by me. I am just not going to have time to study for this exam, so I figure someone who is preparing...
  7. G

    Embry-Riddle vs FBO/local

    Hello, i’m a freshman at ERAU Prescott. I eagerly enrolled here with the intentions to get a degree (aeronautical science) as well as acquire all my hours and certifications to become an airline pilot. Being an airline pilot has interested me for a while and i made my decision to pursue a career...
  8. A

    Where should I go to flight school?!

    Hello! I am trying to decide if I should go to ATP flight school after receiving my ppl or if I should remain at the local flight school for my commerical certificate. I know ATP guarantees their students a job in order to get their remaining hours needed to work for an airline; my fear is...
  9. R

    Best Possible Training

    Hello, I’m interested in taking my flight training to the absolute maximum. I also have no intention to work as a pilot. I’m wondering what is the community’s recommendation to the best possible flying education. Nothing can replace experience I know, But may as well start with the best possible...
  10. N

    ATP "Aviation Related Major" Requirement

    Is a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering equivalent to studying an "aviation related major" at an approved institution? Also, if CPL is obtained through a non part-141 program, does this mean that regardless of major in school the TT requirement is still 1,500 hours for ATP?
  11. R

    What's the best route to take when starting my training?

    Good Morning From PA! I am 100% new to forums of any kind, so please excuse me if I've posted in the wrong area or am otherwise breaking protocol. At 28, I've decided to pursue my dream of flying, but I don't have money to spend up front, and I'm afraid of not being able to find a job to pay...