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  1. T

    Glider add on

    Good Afternoon, I’m interested in adding a glider rating to my commercial ticket and wanted to obtain some insight from those who may have added on a glider rating to their record. 1. Which Glider school location did you attend? 2. Did you earn a private or commercial glider add on? 3. Does...
  2. T

    10 takeoff and landings towered

    Asking strictly off of solo time! Do the 10tko/landings have to be all in the same flight or if I’m training at a towered airport and I’ve made SOLO 10 night landings in the pattern after my private license over time SOLO does that count towards my 10 night landings? Thanks
  3. T

    Commercial training, realistically!

    Can you truly learn the maneuvers in 10 hours in a single engine airplane? Lazy 8s ,chandelles, steep spiral , 8s on pylon and power off 180s? Can these maneuvers truly be completed in about 10 hours? Can you really learn to fly commercial maneuvers in a redbird simulator? Looking at it...
  4. P

    Commercial Long Cross-Country C150

    Help.. Help.. Help..! FAR 61.129 Cessna 150/ 18G on Fuel Tank, endurance approx 3-4 hrs. cutting corner "How can I do a Commercial Long CX-Country total distance of 300NM with 250NM straight? There is no way possible. CAN I DO FUEL STOP in the middle, is it LEGAL or VALID? Departing from KHWO.
  5. Penguinforce

    Commercial Privileges Scenario Question

    My friend is currently training for her commercial pilot certificate and asked me a question about her specific case in terms of if it would be legal to fly as a commercial pilot in a part 91 flight. I wasn’t too sure and now I’m genuinely curious what you all think of it as well. So here’s the...
  6. R

    Commercial rotor vs commercial fixed wing vs PPL fixed Wing

    Hi all, My first post here. I’ve been asking the very few pilots I know, time to ask a larger audience. My day job is boring, however it pays well enough I can finally resume flight training and buy myself a Piper Cub (or similar) My question is long and multifaceted; is there a long period...
  7. Penguinforce

    Need Help With Endorsement to take Commercial Written Knowledge Test

    Hi, I’m currently between CFIs (thanks airlines) and need an endorsement to take the commercial written test. My old CFI I was using had his cert expire and is not renewing it since he’s in the airlines. I’m using Sheppard air but due to a glitch on their end, I wasn’t able to sign up under my...
  8. T

    Commercial written exam/ Timeframe

    Thanks for all the advice for the ifr written exam. I scored in the 90s on both ifr and fii within a week of each other. Did you use Sheppard air for the commercial written exam? How long did it take you to study? can you take the foi or FIA from this actual bank of questions? Study...
  9. T

    What would you do? Part 61 or 141

    Instrument Training: A. Would you fly Part 141-35 dual (21/14) hours for $10,000 at a towered airport? B. would you fly Part 61- 25 dual hours and 20 hours xc safety pilot $10,000 at a non-towered airport? I’m torn between experience at a towered airport or the higher amount of hours for...
  10. T

    Commercial rating questions.

    I wanted to reach out for clarification. Night flying 61.129(a)(3)(iii) and 61.129(a)(4)(ii) I’ve completed the 2 hour night xc flight requirement and I wanted to find out if the 2hours of night flying eat away some of the 5 hours of VFR night duties -PIC? “My night flight was 2.3 hours of...
  11. K

    Commercial Pilot Career?

    Hello everyone, My boyfriend is currently considering pursuing a career as a commercial pilot. He's very serious about it and wants to get started ASAP. We've had conversations with admin at the local flight school and they want him to do an associates degree along with the flight training so...
  12. W

    What Commercial ground school should I go with

    Hi all, I just received my instrument rating and would like to jump right into commercial. I have 400 hours and all the commercial requirements met. I just need a recommendation for a commercial ground school, not test prep as I used Sheppard air for that and aced my written. I mean an actual...
  13. A

    Advanced Ratings While Working Full Time

    Looking for any advice / tips / thoughts anyone might have. I am a private pilot and currently work a full time (50-60 hour) job in an unrelated field but have always wanted to pursue a career in professional flying. For years, it was more of just a “hey, that would be really cool” idea in my...
  14. MCube78

    Is this ASA commerical pilot exam guide answer wrong?

    Trigger warning: this is about common vs private carriage (and Flytenow vs FAA). :confused::confused::confused: You've been warned.. [EDIT: Short answer to the title is "No"] Hi Everyone, aspiring commercial certificate pilot here. So, I've used ASA materials before (private/IFR) and I find...
  15. L

    How to ease nerves flying solo? (Commercial student)

    I’m a commercial student with about 180 hrs TT. I’m working towards my 250 for commercial. I jumped right into instrument after private and now I’m jumping straight into commercial. I know I’m a good pilot, the CFIs tell me that, but I can’t help but constantly doubt myself or come up with...
  16. Trever Oakes

    Common vs. Private Carriage Scenarios

    Hello everyone, I am preparing to take my Commercial Pilot checkride in a month or two, and I am preparing for the oral. I know a big chunk of the oral is going over what a CPL can do and cannot do (i.e situations concerning if you can legally take a job offer or not). But I am having trouble...
  17. V

    Want To Buy Ferry Pilot Needed For C210, Texas to Florida

    Hello, Here is an opportunity for a hour hungry pilot to log some Cessna 210K time. Our plane just had a panel upgrade and needs to go from New Braunfels to Miami for additional work. Equipment is GTN 650, Dual G5s, Garmin GFC 500 autopilot. Great plane to fly. We will cover food, hotel...
  18. Z


    Hi, I've recently been accepted to Virginia Tech for majoring in physics. However, I'm not sure if this is a good major? I know physics is a very difficult major and I'm not sure it's the greatest degree to become a commercial pilot. I originally wanted to major in Aviation but it was too...
  19. easik

    Are You Too Old To Become A Pilot?

    I recently met a student pilot in his 50s at the Sling Pilot Academy. I did a short video interview below. At first I thought he was just there to get a private pilot license. But he says he plans to go all the way to become a commercial pilot and work for the airlines. My initial reaction was...
  20. Robert Wang

    Comm. Pilot Privileges

    Got these 2 questions wrong on my commercial pilot oral checkride. If a friend rents a plane and wants to pay you $200 to fly him and his friends to Orlando for food, can you do that? I answered yes and was told I was wrong. Then the examiner asked: If your friend owns a plane and wants you...