1. P

    Flight Following without a destination airport

    Normally when I ask for flight following (flying VFR) I have a clear destination airport in mind: "Magu Approach, Cessna XXX 5 miles northeast Camarillo @ 3,500 for 5,500 to El Monte" But, how should I ask for flight following if I do NOT have a destination in mind. For example, a sightseeing...
  2. R

    VFR Flight Plan or Flight Following?

    Sorry in advance for how long this post is but.... this post is spurred by two events that happened to two separate friends within the last few weeks--both of which are student pilots. One event the pilot had flight following and the next event they had a flight plan open. I think these two...
  3. steviedeviant

    Learning More about Weather

    POA, Besides the FAA book on weather, can any of you recommend a resource on weather for the VFR pilot in terms of just having a better understanding of planning, conditions that could change weather - just basic overall better education on the subject - that you might recommend either through...
  4. steviedeviant

    In Flight Weather - What are you using

    I wanted to just get a feel as to what other VFR pilots are using. Other than contacting 122.2 for weather briefing, what are some setups that you have for weather? Are you most of you using Stratus and Foreflight? Also, I was curious about the Garmin portable GPS/Weather systems - Yeah I...
  5. B

    IFR rating

    Hi all, I am almost finished with my PPL and wanted to hear from all of you how long/hard getting your IFR rating was. I don't want to jump right into it but I would like to work towards it in the near future. Any advice on how much VFR time should be accumulated before taking the step into...