1. H

    Let's build a panel

    I'm bored guys. Let's build a panel together. I was thinking either a PA-28 or a C-172 but open to suggestions. I will add the suggested instruments to the template. I prefer steam gauges, but we can add glass if you want. I was also thinking "Light" IFR but maybe we can do a VFR and an IFR...
  2. Daleandee

    Spatial Disorientation

    This is an excellent video by Joe Casey (DPE) on Spatial Disorientation. Some of the illustrations and techniques in this video are eye opening. Ways to show the effects of SD and ways to avoid SD begin about halfway through the video (see they guys spinning with the bats - LOL). Enjoy!
  3. L

    Question to NYC chopper pilots

    Hi, Travelling past NYC we plan to do the "SFRA" 1000-1300 foot VFR route along Hudson (123.05) and East river (123.075). We also plan to book ahead and land at 6N5 heliport for the night. We have a Bell 505. So my question is: When coming in from the north on East River (123.075), following...
  4. L

    Trip along East coast US - Suggestions to land with chopper

    Hi all, In a few weeks a friend and myself will be flying a Bell 505 from tip of Florida to East coast Canada. Strictly VFR, so intend to fly below or outside the TMA's most of the time. Planning to spend approx 2 weeks on this part of the trip, where we plan to remain coastwise until past NYC...
  5. M

    Unnecessarily Long Bahamas Trip Write-Up

    This got even longer than I thought it would, so TL/DR: Flew from Raleigh-Durham to the Bahamas via Fort Lauderdale Executive. Bought the AOPA Bahamas guide book thing and it explained requirements pretty well, but there were still some surprises along the way. Just like everything I've...
  6. P

    Cost Effective Time Building - Tulsa, OK

    Hi everyone. Brand new to this forum but love what I see. I’m in Tulsa, OK and looking to see if there is anyone around here who is interested in building some time? Or knows anyone with an airplane that needs to be flown more? (Wishful thinking of course). Ive got PPL. Also, any opinions on...
  7. David Anthony

    Touring a large city with a Bravo airport

    I’ve been wanting to fly around the city of Detroit at night (vfr). Is it fairly easy to get the clearance to do this even inside of the bravo? How do you go about doing this when it comes to radio calls and such?
  8. David Anthony

    Landing at a private strip.

    I’ve been wondering how to talk to atc while heading to land at a private strip (not on vfr sectionals). If I am on flight following do I just cancel advisories when the field is in sight? How does it work with descending below vfr minimums to land? Is there any extra steps I need in order to...
  9. H

    Best pocket guide book?

    I'm currently working on my private pilot and I was wondering if there was any good kind of guide books for VFR. Like a small book i can put in my flight bag that has weather minimums, airspace stuff, frequencies, and just other useful stuff like that all in one place. Kind of like a quick...
  10. A

    How do class D tower controller separate VFR traffic without radar?

    I've been trying to understand how this works, I know that some class D airports have radar, others don't, for those who don't have it, the only thing I can think of is looking through binoculars but that sounds like a long shot. In some D airports I land at (VFR) which I am fairly sure don't...
  11. PaulR035

    Flight following frequency?

    Is there a convenient way to use Foreflight to identify the correct ARTCC frequency for picking up VFR flight following when away from a metropolitan area with approach control? I did all my flight training at a class D airport within a class C area, so I always picked up FF from the approach...
  12. CTRLAltMike

    VFR Quick Reference Poster

    Hey guys and gals, hope this okay to post here. I created a "VFR Quick Reference poster" based on some feedback from a facebook group and I have to say, it came out AWESOME. The folks from the facebook group asked me if they could purchase them so I setup a website so they could buy them. The...
  13. Matt Gunderson

    Flying Blind - Why VFR pilots get into trouble in the clouds

    Ever heard of 178 seconds to live? A few weeks ago my friend Martin Pauly and I went out for breakfast in his A36 Bonanza and we decided to make a video demonstrating him flying "by the seat of his pants" to see how long he could fly before getting into an unusual attitude. Martin is an in...
  14. A

    Radar App for near by airplanes to maximize saftey?

    Hello, I am PP student, I have been looking for an app that have the ability to show near by aircraft position to use as a secondary precaution to VFR to maximize safety, I have only few hours flying and so far i feel that I have no special issues with aircraft control, the only thing that...
  15. dembro

    What it's like to DEPART Oshkosh (spoiler alert: awesome)

    So technically this video is from my trip to OSH17, but it doesn't look like too many folks have posted videos of their OSH Departures, so I thought I'd throw mine into the mix! The arrival gets all of the love (for good reason), but the departure demands respect and a good set of ears. You'll...
  16. GreatLakesFlying

    VFR Flight Following?

    Quick question on phraseology. I fly out of 06C west of O'Hare Intl, and often I take advantage of the excellent radar coverage, to request flight following. My call to Chicago Approach is straightforward: Chicago Approach, Piper 4-3-3-5-K, over Bartlet, requesting flight following. ATC comes...
  17. easik

    What the hell is IFR anyway?

    Here is my take on flying IFR. I plan on getting my IFR rating sometime soon, and this video is probably more for student pilots. If you are a VFR pilot and ever flown into clouds or IMC, what was the experience like and how did you fly your way out?
  18. easik

    What's in your Pilot bag?

    In other words; what aviation gear do you typically carry with you. I'm curious to know what everyone else carry with them on a normal flight. As a VFR pilot, what I generally have is my headset, logbook, charts/notepad/calculator and a pencil, may be some camera gear. What's in your bag? VFR...
  19. P

    Flight Following without a destination airport

    Normally when I ask for flight following (flying VFR) I have a clear destination airport in mind: "Magu Approach, Cessna XXX 5 miles northeast Camarillo @ 3,500 for 5,500 to El Monte" But, how should I ask for flight following if I do NOT have a destination in mind. For example, a sightseeing...
  20. R

    VFR Flight Plan or Flight Following?

    Sorry in advance for how long this post is but.... this post is spurred by two events that happened to two separate friends within the last few weeks--both of which are student pilots. One event the pilot had flight following and the next event they had a flight plan open. I think these two...