1. H

    How long it took you to fly with your loved ones?

    Hi guys. Even if a PPL will legally allow you to carry passengers right after you get it, how long it took you to feel confident enough to bring your loved ones on board? Did you established a number of total hours or any other particular achievements while flying solo in order to take the decision?
  2. H

    Should you get a PPL license even if you are only expecting to fly LSA?

    I met a guy the other day at my flight school who is getting his Recreational Permit as he only expects to fly LSA. It makes me wonder if you should still go for PPL even if you only intend to fly LSA (which is my personal case). Should you start with RP and upgrade to PPL on the go, or should...
  3. R

    Weather Training - Online Course

    I'm a 53 year old instrument pilot working on commercial and am very respectful of weather and its hazards. Does anyone have experience using an online weather/meteorology course to learn about weather from top to bottom. I want something beyond the content in the FAA publications. I'm...
  4. S

    Advice on Starting Again

    Hello All! I started on my PPL at KSNA (Orange County, CA) in 2007, moved to St. Louis and flew some more at 1H0 (Creve Coeur, MO), then stopped flying. In total, I have over 42 hours of flight time - all pre-solo - including 6 hours of tailwheel time. I currently reside in Austin, TX. I'm...
  5. C

    Split time / safety pilot for IR hours (CMA)

    I'm an instrument student in CMA renting from Camarillo Flight Instruction, and I'm looking for a safety pilot to build XC and hood time
  6. J

    First plane

    Hello! I’m looking to get my pilots certificate and would like to buy an airplane now so I have no limitation on scheduling and have a plane to fly around in when I get it. What would make a better first airplane purchase. The two planes I’ve narrowed it down to are a Piper Cherokee 140/160...
  7. justin jiron

    Denver area (KAPA preferred), need split time / safety pilot for IR hours

    I'm in the middle of building hood & x-country time for my Instrument Rating, and a little birdie told me this would be a good place to look for someone to split time and/or find a safety pilot? I fly almost everyday out of Centennial (APA).. usually in the mornings.. Any leads to other...
  8. arizona984

    Becoming a Pilot

    Hello everyone, Thank you for coming to my thread! I have wanted to fly planes since I was a little girl, and now, I am finally able to begin training to become an airline pilot. I was hoping to get some advice regarding this. I do not have any knowledge about aviation/becoming a pilot outside...
  9. J

    Purchasing a plane for training

    My brother and I currently both have a private pilots license. We both graduated from uni a little under 3 years ago now. 3 for me and 2 for him. Neither of us have college debt (yay honours scholarships) and currently have jobs working in a pharmaceutical lab setting. (We were both biochem...
  10. jarod

    Ever heard of a Pilot with extreme fear of drops, + training questions

    Hello everyone, hope all is well for everybody. This is kinda an long and silly post so sorry in advance but here goes, My name is Jarod and I’m 19. I’ve always been into airplanes and aviation and always loved learning the mechanics of how they work and fly but for the longest time I never...
  11. D

    Buying a plane for building hours

    So I'm currently working on my PPL. My friend/instructor wants me to buy an airplane for building hours. And quite frankly so do I. It seems like it could save me a bit of money if I am building hours in it. He drives a beater car and owns two airplanes. I also drive a beater car and have no...
  12. X3 Skier

    ASES Rating Done ✔️

    I went to St Charles MO Regional Airport this past weekend for a short course in Seaplane Flying and to hopefully get my ASES LSA rating. Flying Fish LLC was the one I chose. Three day program with 6 hours of flight time including either a proficiency check with a...
  13. Antoine137


  14. P

    First Time Airplane Buyer....maybe

    I'm wondering what a good first airplane would be for the following pilot? Or if I should even buy right now. -110 hours Total Time (and on the rise) -ASEL PPL -Plans to do instrument rating in the future -Weekend day/overnight trips/casual weekday flying -Based out of KRVS (Tulsa, Oklahoma) so...
  15. WGregB

    New Pilot Checking in

    Hello all, Just stopping by to do the introduction. Home base in Casa Grande, AZ. I'm in process of buying a 78 Piper Warrior II in order to start my flight training. Just waiting on the Spar inspection :eek: to get completed. And 2 other minor items. I may be flying in a few weeks or may...
  16. P

    iPad type - What are you flying with?

    I'm getting back into flying (I've had my PPL for about 10 years) more regularly now and I'm new to Foreflight. WOW is all I have to say. I don't have an iPad (yet) but was curious what the consensus was on the iPad mini? Specifically one with data or is data not necessary? My situation: I'm an...
  17. Andrew S

    Searching for new or creative opportunities to jumpstart career

    Hey friends, I just thought I would throw this question out there to see if anyone knew anything that I didn't or could offer any help. I am just looking for any opportunities out there that would either encourage or facilitate flight training and/or aviation career growth. I recently just...
  18. P

    Cost Effective Time Building - Tulsa, OK

    Hi everyone. Brand new to this forum but love what I see. I’m in Tulsa, OK and looking to see if there is anyone around here who is interested in building some time? Or knows anyone with an airplane that needs to be flown more? (Wishful thinking of course). Ive got PPL. Also, any opinions on...
  19. A

    Understanding wind/gust effect with altitude

    Low time PPL, there is once aspect of wind effect i am still not able to fully understand. This question can also serve as a refresher to other private pilots. The scenario is as follows: I am taking off in a relatively windy/gust day say 13knots/G20 knots, after rolling out and during the climb...
  20. G

    Question on GPS and LNAV/VNAV Approaches

    During a practice IFR test, I got the following question: While flying a GPS approach, you see the GPS display an LNAV/VNAV annunciation. What action should you take? The correct answer, apparently, is that the LNAV/VNAV annunciation indicates that both lateral and vertical guidance have failed...