special issuance

  1. S

    Overcoming FAA Nonsense ~ Denied

    I have been pursuing a special issuance since 2019. I have been flying since high school and licensed since 2004. In 2016, I underwent open heart surgery. On the advice of a CFI, I let my medical expire. Later, when I decided to pursue Basic Med I was told the way to Basic Med for me was via a...
  2. B

    First Class Medical (VA Disability)

    Good Morning, I am reaching out today to ask some questions on what I can do to obtain a first class medical. I have recently got out of the Air Force after doing 4 years as a fire fighter. I am currently 23 years old and have received a 80% disability rating with PTSD and a side diagnosis of...
  3. Tyler Grommesh

    ADHD Special Issuance

    @bbchien I’ve been perusing the forums for cases similar to mine. I have a childhood ADHD diagnosis and also a deferred class one medical application. I never would’ve thought in a million years that the FAA would consider it a disqualifying condition. I’m terrified that I’ll never be allowed...
  4. Max P

    Approved for special issuance but lifetime monitoring... feeling really bummed out

    Hi all, I am hoping for any advice or input from you all on this... TLDR: Haven't been seen for 15 years for a diagnosis I had as a young child, now (seemingly) have to be seen for the rest of my life every six months if I want to maintain my medical certificate. When I was around 7 or 8 I...
  5. T

    Special issuance expired

    Good Evening, I am looking for advice. My first class medical and special issuance expired in 2017 and I stopped training because life happened. My special issuance is a cardiac valve replacement and I have not had any issues at all. I’m now at a point in my life where I’m able to afford my...
  6. K

    Support Group for HIMS

    I was wondering if anyone had heard of a support group for HIMS patients, or would be interested in starting one (or multiple, since there are different reasons for HIMS placement). Particularly after reading "Resigning from HIMS", I think many people in the HIMS program feel the same as I do...
  7. B

    Where Do I Begin?! Special issuance

    Hello all, I have never gotten an AME examination before and am in need of one in the next year. I had a procedure 3 years ago that will require me to get a special issuance and some cardiac tests done. I have reached out to several AME’s and doctor Bruce and have all confirmed this. I am...
  8. S

    Using BasicMed to Complete Training

    Hello, I am working on getting my private pilot license. I do have some medical conditions, so I was given a special issuance 3rd class medical by the FAA. I took a break from flight training, and the medical is now expired. So I was wondering, rather than having to get another special issuance...
  9. R

    Special Issuance problemo...need advice

    Hey all, I have nowhere else to turn, and you all have proven to be a great source of information and advice. I am a private pilot w/instrument rating who has been flying since Summer 2016. I absolutely love it. I had to fight through red tape and nonsense to get my 3rd class medical. It took me...
  10. FlyingBliss

    AME and Type 1 Diabetes

    I'm a new student pilot training for my PPL and I have had well controlled type 1 diabetes for 30 years. The FAA has issued a list of what I call "disqualifiers" for type 1 diabetics to receive their initial medical certificate which are (1) no recurrent history of severe hypoglycemia in the...
  11. P

    Please delete this thread. Thank you.

    Please delete this thread. Thank you.
  12. P

    DVT with Stent Placement

    I am currently a Navy flight student, but have recently been disqualified from naval aviation due to blood clots in my Vena Cava and Illiac Veins. After a year on Xarelto, I had stents placed in my Vena Cava and Illiac Veins. 3 months later, the stents occluded, and I had thrombolysis to remove...
  13. Old97

    SI renewal question - OSA

    So it is time to send in my CPAP report and doctors letter for my annual authorization. what the doctor gave me is a copy of his notes, rather than a true letter. it mentions surgery I had in late 2016 - "distal clavical resection" I think it says - in the history portion of the notes...
  14. iflyvfr

    SI and Past Due

    Last year my sleep doc informed me he was dropping all his patients and going in another direction. My medical was due the end of February but due to the flue, travel, and procrastination I didn't get a new doc lined up timely. Last week when I called to schedule an initial consult with a new...
  15. kogabriel

    My Journey To Special Issuance Medical

    In 2004 I moved to Santa Barbara, California to attend school, my first big move away from the sheltered and innocent upbringing I had known. Within 18 months, I acquired my first DUI after driving under the influence, falling asleep at the wheel, and crashing my car off the freeway, rolling...
  16. S

    Medical Exam question (mental health related)

    Hello I'm about to go for my medical clearance again; I got one in 2014,first class,when I first came to the US for pilot training. I had stopped and started back up with my training due to some issues with finances and communications. Since I've been in the US I've been diagnosed with social...
  17. labbadabba

    3rd Class Medical Reform, Special Issuances, and exams

    Okay, it's 2017 so I guess with the PBOR2 it's time to simplify the process. But I can't quite unsimplify it... So, I have a SI for Sleep Apnea have the CPAP and the works and have had no issues with compliance once I get the SI issued. But because of the SI my dates for medical compliance...
  18. C

    Failed DOT Pre-Employment Drug Test. Emergency Medical Revocation

    Failed a pre employment dot drug test for a 141 school with a LOA to do air tours. Failed for THC with 77 nanograms. I just got a letter 4 months later saying my medical has been emergency revocated. I did receive a letter from FAA saying I was being investigated a few weeks after the positive...