1. cloonam

    RHV tower radio interference

    Has anyone else experienced this? Back in Dec timeframe, was practicing in my instructor's C172 at RHV and we were hearing what sounded like a radio station or something similar bleeding over onto tower's freq. Fast forward to a few days ago, and I hear the same thing on my handheld in my...
  2. FightingJioux

    MX-170C Static

    Hey there, I recently added a second used (and I realize that might be part of the issue) TKM MX-170C to my radio stack. It is now my #1 NAV/COM. My #2 is a slightly older used -170C that was previously in the number one slot. Ever since installing the new-to-me unit, there’s been a lot of...
  3. C

    PTT won't transmit

    I'd appreciate any troubleshooting ideas.... When I push the copilot PTT switch (Two wires), I don't get a side tone, other aircraft / ATC can't hear me (I do not get "carrier no voice"), and there is no voice transmission through the intercom. The T light in each radio lights up and I do hear...
  4. Aviator_VanLan

    For Sale LTB: VHF Aviation handheld radio

    I've been looking for a decent handheld radio backup. Looking for to pay no more than $150.
  5. A

    When will ARINC HF radio operators become obsolete?

    Recently hired as an HF radio operator for ARINC. While I'm very excited to start, naturally I'm curious about the longevity of the position. Will CPDLC make it obsolete anytime soon? Is there some other technology that might make it obsolete soon? Or is this a solid job for a while? Do major...
  6. Mike Bushard Jr

    For Sale Bendix/King KX155A & KI208

    Hello, We removed our KX155A radio (No Glide slope) and KI208 indicator for and upgrade. This unit has the original display in it. Everything was working before removal. $1,250 plus shipping includes radio, tray, and indicator. Radio for sale is the second one from the top in this picture.
  7. T

    Headset Sound-off! Bose A20 vs. Faro Stealth 2 ANR

    2021 (2022) UPDATE AT END OF THREAD (In short, get a Bose/Lightspeed/David Clark. No question). [Unsure if this post belongs here, in "Technical", or elsewhere. Is there a "Gear" channel?] Pilots and sound junkies, let's have a sound-off! Bose A20 vs the Faro Stealth 2 ANR. (Note: The Stealth...
  8. B

    New Aircraft, in need of avionics advice.

    Me and my dad just bought a 1975 Cessna 182P. It does not have Mode C or adsb and it still has the original cessna radios which we want to replace although they do work. We plan to use the 182 for cross country trips as well as to build time towards an instrument rating. I think a GNX375 makes...
  9. Jake B

    Radio Issue

    Hi all, Having a bit of a radio issue in my '71 Beech that I'm hoping someone may have had before. Since we bought it, the radios have been a little bit scratchy but recently have taken a turn for the worst. It slowly became harder and harder to hear incoming transmissions through the headset...
  10. Lawson Laslo

    Radio circuit breaker

    Ive got a bendix king ky97a radio, it’s wired to a 10 amp circuit breaker and was wondering if that was a too big breaker and needed something lower amp, couldn’t find anything in manual What amp breaker do you guys use? Thanks
  11. Z

    AVI8BZ - Recording cockpit audio

    Hey guys - I've been trying to figure out how to effectively record cockpit radio - I've used a splitter but no matter how much I lower or increase the volume in cockpit the audio redlines in the gopro. Has anyone else come across this issue? Not going to buy a dedicated recorder with an...
  12. P

    Selling my Yaesu FTA-550L

    This is a Yaesu FTA-550L Pro-X Airband NAV/COM radio. Received as a gift and have used it very little. Unit is in like new condition with original box and original packaging. Includes scanning and VOR. Lists on Amazon and Sporty's for $289, asking $220, plus $10 shipping (US only).
  13. djmcfall

    For Sale Yaesu FTA 750L

    New in the box. Everything included, rechargeable battery with charger, alkaline battery pack, headset adapter, manual and carry strap. NEW. 208-324-OOll
  14. W

    For Sale Bendix-King KY 97A VHF Transceiver For Sale

    I have a Bendix-King KY 97A VHF Transceiver Less than 300 hours use. Radio was replaced with Skyview VHF to compliment the rest of my Skyview panel. Radio operates fine and comes with aluminum tray (integrated connector at tray rear). Does not include antenna or cables. This would make a good...
  15. dembro

    The world's most polite radio call? OR Why is my passenger crying?!?!

    Hi Everyone! Finally was able to post the second half of my adventures with Lynne and Cassidy on a flight to and from KHXF (Hartford, WI) originating at KMWC (Milwaukee's Timmerman Field). This time Cassidy was up front (a popular request here on PoA) and we had a blast. Cassidy wasn’t too into...
  16. P

    ATC Communication Training - Ground School

    What are some of the top suggestions for VFR / IFR radio training outside the airplane? Any experiences/feedback that you'd like to share from your own training?
  17. Ben

    Unobtrusive external antenna

    Good Evening everybody on the East Coast. As I mentioned in a previous thread, I am getting a kick out of my handheld radio. I am able to listen to the KART CTAF from my office! Very cool! I've got this little guy, the Icom IC-A6...
  18. B

    For Sale Introducing PocketATC, a new iPhone app for mastering ATC radio comms

    I've been working on a team including pilots and a former air traffic controller to develop an app for just over a year now, and I'm pleased to announce that it's now available. Back in 2015, I was just in the process of looking for a plane to buy when my wife and two kids and I ended up moving...
  19. avongil

    Where am I on the airport?

    I always have trouble talking the talk, but I am getting far better. Reporting my current location is a common stumbling point. I have tried to research this but cannot come up with a concrete answer. #1: Before Taking Off The active runway is 24. The taxiway that leads to it is C. I say...