RHV tower radio interference


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Oct 2, 2023
San Martin, CA
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Has anyone else experienced this? Back in Dec timeframe, was practicing in my instructor's C172 at RHV and we were hearing what sounded like a radio station or something similar bleeding over onto tower's freq. Fast forward to a few days ago, and I hear the same thing on my handheld in my Luscombe (antenna is mounted on fuselage, not the handheld's antenna).

In both planes it seems to go away below a certain alt (maybe 1.5-2k?). I called tower for a radio check to test my handheld's range, and once their transmission in response was over the interference started and lasted for minutes, but I heard other calls somewhat through the static during that time. It was pretty hard to hear any actual transmissions with the static. We'd mentioned it to the tower in my instructor's plane, but they said nobody else had complained... I also tested all 3 freqs of theirs the other day (2 tower freqs and the Unicom) and they all showed the issue, but no local frequencies have the problem except RHV's.

If I've heard it in 2 planes over a span of 10 months, I can't be the only one... right?
I haven't heard any interference. Where were you located when you've heard it?
Basically everywhere I was tuned in, a few miles south, overhead, to a few miles north
We have had that happen here on our CTAF frequency. Usually the result of a malfunctioning "dirty" transmitter. The FAA or FCC have teams with equipment that can come and attempt to pinpoint where the transmitter is if it gets bad enough. I think the resolution in our case was a pilot happened to catch the station identification announcement. Word was passed and the transmitter was fixed.
What is strange is the heard it on multiple frequencies.