1. Penguinforce

    What is Going on at KBJC (Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport)/Cost to Relocate Port a Port Hangar

    We have a POS airport manager that is actively trying and possibly will succeed with forcing all 60 of us port a port hangar owners to relocate our port a port hangars from one part of the airport where they have been since the 70s or 80s, and move them across two runways on our own dime with...
  2. P

    Hello - Hangar for Lease at CFO (Denver)

    Hello, new user to this Forum here. I joined to advertise a hangar I have available for lease near Denver International, at CFO airport (previously known as Front Range airport). Renting entire hangar for $1700 or half hangar for $900. Hangar is 58.3' wide and 50' deep. End/corner unit with...
  3. Penguinforce

    Port a Port Hangar Damage

    We have damage to the front of our port a port. We don't know who we could contact for repairs in the Denver metro area. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly welcomed.
  4. T

    Parking Outdoors

    I'm moving and need to park my plane outdoors for close to a year before I can get into a shade hangar. I wanted to make sure I covered all my bases when it comes to preserving a plane that'll be parked outside. It's a 182RG going to be parked at North Las Vegas. Pretty sure it gets real hot...
  5. T


    I am moving to a new city this summer. I currently pay 100$ a month for an enclosed T hangar that fits my 182 nicely. Unfortunately where I am moving there are only shade hangars for rent and the wait list is over a year. I'm currently #82 :/ There's some privately owned hangars that go for...
  6. Blatham489

    Desperately seeking hangar space KERV or T82

    Anyone know of someone willing to sub-lease, give up or about to vacate their hangar space at either Fredericksburg T82 or Kerrville KERV airports? Already on their waiting lists which apparently move at glacial speed.
  7. B

    Hangar advice

    Hello, I'm brand new to Pilots of America, so I apologize if I've missed prior posts. I was lucky enough to procure a hangar and I've got just a few questions. Plus I'm interested in hearing any friendly advice. 1. Is there any reason to place the hangar under an LLC? Wondering if that's...
  8. Bug H

    Intro and approach to ownership (Chicken/Egg)

    Many hours reading PoA - just now singing up! SEL VFR w/HP - ~200 hrs/last flight over 10 years ago. I'm about to retire from military (age 54) and eager to dust off the logbook and resume some training with the goal of ownership someday! Flying club/FBO aircraft rental experiences, were...
  9. alexcr

    Best website to get a sense of an airport's average monthly weather?

    I'm curious what website or service folks use when they want to get a sense of an airport's typical temperature and precipitation at a certain time of the year. For example, what are the average daily high/low temperatures and monthly precipitation for, say, an average February for an airport...
  10. PaulR035

    Hello! What's in your hangar?

    Hi- new member (PPL) and new first-time owner here. Wanted to introduce myself and ask for some recommendations! What's in your hangar? My new (to me) plane will be in the shop a couple weeks before coming home, so I want to use that time to get some basic supplies for the hangar. I'm...
  11. LLeigh

    For Sale Seeking hangar space near Olympia WA

    Looking for a hangar or shared hangar space to rent near Olympia, WA. Have been placed on several wait lists and sure would appreciate any leads. Thank you.
  12. CTRLAltMike

    VFR Quick Reference Poster

    Hey guys and gals, hope this okay to post here. I created a "VFR Quick Reference poster" based on some feedback from a facebook group and I have to say, it came out AWESOME. The folks from the facebook group asked me if they could purchase them so I setup a website so they could buy them. The...
  13. bill98

    For Sale Hangar / Office Accessories

    Flew down to KNEW to visit my friend who has a woodshop there. We played around with his lasers and made the following items. Butcher block was an old one I have had for a while and probably didn't totally clean it + I used the wrong kind of rag when applying oil to it so some particles got...
  14. easik

    Pilots in the Atlanta Area - PDK vs. LZU

    I'm considering one of these as my home airport. PDK although closer seems a lot busier and more corporate-like with a few mom n pop businesses. Where as LZU is a bit further out, But the few times I've been there, it's been fairly quiet and I see some pilots/owners hanging around. What's been...
  15. J

    How do you go about finding a transient hangar?

    Hi all! I am conducting some research into the process of finding and booking a transient hangar and would love to hear about how you go about it currently.
  16. Vince R

    Hangar in the KSUT/KILM area

    I'm new to the Southport NC area and looking for a place to keep my Bonanza...anyone have any leads on where I might find an available hangar? Best I've found so far is a large 40x50 hangar at KILM, but that's a little more expensive than I want to spend. If there's a pilot in that area with a...
  17. B

    Hangar availability near KHEF

    I am looking for hangar availability at or near Manassas Regional in Virginia. I am looking for an hangar capable of containing a couple of plane and a small shop to build an experimental Thanks baron57
  18. N517G

    Want To Buy Hangar @ KPTK (Pontiac Michigan)

    Looking for a hangar for my Midget Mustang. Easily share a T-hangar with a Cessna or like sized high wing.
  19. gismo

    Hangar available for the week of the Ryder Cup Golf tournament.

    My airplane is going into the paint shop next weekend and my hangar at KFCM is going to be empty for several weeks so if anyone's coming to Minneapolis for the golf tournament my hangar is available. Flying Cloud airport (KFCM) is about 10 nm east of the Hazeltine tournament site.
  20. Brad Z

    FAA Publishes final Hangar use policy

    https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2016-06-15/pdf/2016-14133.pdf Two big points: 1) Airport sponsor may permit nonaeronautical items to be stored in hangars provided the items do not interfere with the aeronautical use of the hangar. 2) FAA will consider the construction of amateur-built or...