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  1. dfw11411

    Closed Ad removed

    Ad removed until I can determine price.
  2. JScarry

    For Sale Piper Cherokee 140

    $37,000 Located at KSBP, San Luis Obispo CA Serial # 28-24642 Engine O-320-E2A Engine installed 3798 Hours 2009-03-03 with Lycon 160 HP STC SE00252SE Hours on June 21, 2021 4922. Hours on Engine, 1124 Compressions #1: 78/80, #2: 78/80, #3: 78/80, #4: 78/80 Equipment Wing Spar AD 2020-24-05...
  3. Michael Colley

    For Sale 1963 Beech P35 Turbo Bonanza

    Inquire Here: Location: Morgantown, West Virginia(MGW) Total Time: 5190 hrs. Engine: Continental 630 SMOH 240 STOH Prop: 630 SPOH Next Annual Due: February, 2021 IFR Certification: Not Current Price $69,500 Avionics: •...
  4. Michael Colley

    For Sale 1978 Piper Super Cub PA18-150

    Amazing Cub with all the accessories. Wheels, Skis, Straight Floats, Belly Pod. Inquire Here: Price: $112,900 Engine: 888.8 hrs TSMOH Lycoming O-320-A2B (150 HP, 2000hr TBO) Overhauled by Progressive, May 1993 Most recent...
  5. Michael Colley

    For Sale 1967 Cessna 210G Turbo $105,000

    Inquire here: Great Turbo Cessna 210G. Built in Oxygen. Full Log History. AFTT: 4976 Engine: 817.2 hrs TSMOH Continental TSIO-520-C (265 HP, 1400hr TBO) Overhauled by Custom Airmotive, August 1995 Most recent compressions: 75 / 70 / 75...
  6. Michael Colley

    For Sale 1954 Beechcraft 18 C-45H

  7. Michael Colley

    For Sale 1977 Commander 114 1977 Commander 114 Price: $115,000 1,963 hours total time airframe, the engine has 303 hours since major overhaul firewall forward by Mattituck in 2006. The propeller has 431 hours since new. The current owner is the third since the new...
  8. Michael Colley

    My team and I Built a New iOS App for Buying and Selling Aircraft

    Check out my new iOS app for Buying, selling, and trading aircraft. Let me know what you think! The app is an extension of my new site which is a new way to buy, sell, and trade aircraft. The databases are connected so whatever...
  9. Michael Colley

    For Sale 1980 Cessna 182Q Former CAP plane. Well maintained. Complete logs. Recent paintwork. Strong engine. Serviceable interior or upgrade to your liking. Clear glass. All avionics work. Ready to go... $109,000.00 and includes new ADSB installation. $113,000.00 with...
  10. Michael Colley

    For Sale 1980 Piper Navajo PA-31-350 Price: $239,000 Year Built:1980 Registration:C-GOBJ Airframe Total Time:10,858.8 Customer records, airtime log and engineer records available on request. Avionics: Garmin 530W King KX155 Navcom King KT76...
  11. Aviator_VanLan

    For Sale For Sale: Flight Outfitters Flight Level Bag

    Flight Outfitters Flight Level Bag for sale. asking $80 or obo. Condition: used but in excellent condition (only used for about 1 month) Buyer pays shipping.
  12. Michael Colley

    For Sale: Aircraft 2004 Stewart P-51D Mustang

    INQUIRE HERE: Kit Built P-51 Mustang Sold By Mason Hall Stewart 70% P-51 replica. All restrictions have been flown off and inspections are all current. The aircraft is ready for your paint scheme. Hangar kept and regularly ran...
  13. Z

    Want To Buy looking for pilots to buy plane (fractional)-Florida

    I'm living in Florida and have my PPl. I'm looking to build time through buying a cheap plane (I've found a lot on the market). Let me know if you're interested.
  14. Reediculous

    For Sale RedBird TD2 Fight Simulator for Sale

    I’m selling a RedBird TD2 flight simulator (6 pack steam gauge version). The simulator includes a table, Saitek rudder pedals, a keyboard and manuals. It has been excellent for practicing procedures (in VFR and IFR conditions) and has greatly improved my confidence when I’m flying a real...
  15. M

    For Sale Club Membership Helena, MT-KHLN

    Selling my share in a club with 5 planes. 1xCessna 150-$36/hr 1xCessna 172-$52/hr 1xCessna 172-180hp $52/hr 1xCessna 182-$79/hr 1xCitabria 7GCBC $50/hr *all prices are WET! $600 down and $80/month dues. Potential to earn $20/month in flight credits...
  16. Freight Dog

    For Sale: Aircraft 1966 M20E for sale in TX

    It has come time to part ways with my Mooney. We've proven the concept and it's time to upgrade. In my 6.5 years of owning this plane, I've put on 350 hours on it. It is a 1966 M20E, serial number 935. The registration shows 1965, but by serial number, it's a 1966 model. Here are the specs...
  17. DrMack

    Sold KRBD Dallas Executive DA40XL

    Seat available in an immaculate 2007 Diamond DA40XL (N704PA). Currently 4 partners but one needs to sell his seat due to growing family (wife + 2 teen boys + all their team sporting gear + baggage exceeds MTOW). Airplane has been hangared since birth. ADS-B in/out installed. G1000 with GFC700...
  18. C

    For Sale: Aircraft 1974 Cessna 172M w 180HP Conversion

    This is the one you've been waiting for. Great engine with all the right avionics with a fresh annual and priced to sell! Located at KEHO in Shelby, NC. Details: 1974 Cessna Skyhawk 172M Penn Yan Aero 180HP SuperHawk conversion 4,308TT, 651 SMOH Engine/Prop STEC 50 2-axis autopilot...
  19. L

    Wanted: Aircraft Ercoupe Wanted

    were looking to get a ercoupe I am located in Oklahoma If you have one for sale please post your photos here along with any info Thank you
  20. L

    Looking for first plane

    hi, We’re looking for a fun plane to buy to finish up my training and have fun in after -Needs to be under 35K - preferably painted like a military airplane or polished or just a really cool paint job - has ramp appeal - preferably has control stick rather than yoke, or a cool yoke like the...