1. Dave Anderson

    EAA Chapter 36 POKER RUN KHGR 10/15

    Join us for our 2nd annual flying Poker Run. Participants will start and finish at Hagerstown Regional Airport (HGR). The cost is $5/poker hand and participants may play (purchase) an unlimited number of hands. Each poker hand purchased also receives a raffle ticket to win a number of...
  2. Dave Anderson

    EAA Chapter 36 to fly 7000th Young Eagles at KHGR

    Weather permitting, as always, this is going to turn out to be a day to remember. Not only will EAA Chapter 36 likely fly its 7000th YE, but it's going to be a great day at the Hagerstown Aviation Museum with this event happening. We need 41 more kids to fly and already have 60 registered...
  3. O

    Why Be an EAA Chapter?

    My local EAA chapter is suffering for a lack of leadership. At the meeting where we took nominations for officers, there was a lot of silence and anxiety. We did get officers, including me, but we’re in a bad way. No one, again including me, has any particular enthusiasm for an EAA chapter. The...
  4. Arnold

    LODA - Could not be simpler - nor quicker.

    1) Sent email to FAA at address shown on EAA website. 9-AVS-AFG-LODA@faa.gov Last night 2309 UTC 2) Received email acknowledging receipt of my email at 2317. 3) Received email with ,pdf form to complete. Form included clear instructions. This AM. 4) Completed form and sent via email to...
  5. JScarry

    Search Federal Tax Info for Charitable Orgs

    Our EAA chapter hasn’t been filing our state forms for a while and I’m not sure if we have been filing the federal forms. I know from the news that journalists can get copies of non-profit tax returns but it isn’t obvious to me how find ours—if we filed any. I need IRS Form 990-N for the past 9...
  6. EppyGA

    Low Country Boil in the ATL Area

    EAA Chapter 690 will be hosting the B-17 "Aluminum Overcast" from November 8-10. Along with that visit we will host a Low Country Boil the evening of Saturday, November 9th at our chapter hangar. Tickets are $25 per person and are available now at https://mkt.com/eaa690/item/low-country-boil...
  7. skyking3286

    YouTube Oshkosh videos taken down of Sunday FISK jam

    I noticed that the YouTube videos individuals have posted that had audio from ATCLive, Flight Tracking and EAA video have all been taken down and removed by user. There was a comment that the videos weren't money making, but I'm guessing that the intellectual property of someone was compromised...