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    I saw a UFO!

    ...except I think I identified it. So there I was... driving along the road on the way to the gym at zero dark thirty yesterday. Or maybe it was two days ago. Okay it was two days ago. I see this flashing green light in the sky. It's actually a pattern of two green lights. At first I think...
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    Amateur Rocketry

    I guess it's aviation. I don't know, are rockets aviation? Close enough. Most of us have played around with Estes kits (hecka fun!) but some of these are truly bad ass. The Karman line begins 100 KM above the earth, and is the de-facto standard for when outer space begins. Some amateur rockets...
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    "Your order is ready at locker number 5. Text 'here' when you arrive."

    No, I was not deliberately trying to rhyme 'five' and 'arrive.' This was the literal transaction. I don't know how to feel about this. On one hand, I don't have to stand in line, and plus they give me text updates on my order. Common sense says that is win win. And, to tell you the truth, the...
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    Do you believe in UFO's?

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    Clean cut pizzas

    So I'm standing in bookkeeper's office signing some things, or whatever is it that I do, which isn't very much. Anyway, that part of it is irrelevant. She's in the middle of placing an online order for a pizza, for lunch. That part of it is relevant. "What the hell is clean cut?" "Huh?" "Yeah...
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    Dumb motorist thread

    I'll start... So there I was, in the parking lot behind the pub. We will call her... Grandma Mattie. That is her car parked in the back. The aging Accord looks like it had done two tours in Afghanistan. But, this isn't about her, but it is her car. We will call her, Sally. Grandma Mattie's...
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    [rant]True crime television

    The birds are still snoring, crickets are purring, and frogs are chirping as I'm standing in front of the gym at 4:56 a.m. hoping that the front desk person won't wait until the very last minute to unlock the door and let a small assemblage of die hard fitness enthusiasts through the door to...
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    So how do you define a friend?

    I've been mulling over this one for quite some time. Particularly in the day and age of online presence, it begs the question of what defines a friend and what does not. In any case, the lines tend to blur.* The POA community is a perfect setting for such a debate. There are people I have seen...
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    Bro what do you even mean? [rant]

    Drywall product? Feminine hygiene? Eyecare? Auto body? Asphalt repair? What the hell is an 'endpoint management solution?' Funeral home? Crematorium? Whatever it is, it's probably completely useless. It has so little point that they can't even come out and say what it is, not even in vague...
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    Latest Rants

    The Audi Driver I'm going to call him 'Mark.' Which is, close. He's bald, thin, late twenties, maybe early thirties, chain smokes, binge drinks coffee, and likes drama. He could have been a character in Beverly Hills 90201. Or whatever the zip code is. Although I don't see him hooking up with...
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    Round or flat?

    What say ye, and how do you like to cook it?
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    Chuck Cross Rib Roast

    Every Saturday morning, I hop in the car and take the short drive to the grocery store. Well, I used to take the short drive to the gym, but it has been closed for some time but the grocery store is next door. Because Saturday is... BBQ day!! But I had a quandary. the WX prediction was for...
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    Sac's random observation thread

    Thread for totally random observations few if any care about. When I go on long walks in the morning, because it is too cold to ride and all the gyms are closed, I start to pick up on little things. Like the paranoid household to the left and behind the photo, who has more cameras on his...
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    Sac's Rant Thread [rant]

    Apparently, I've been dropping the ball, and not five days ago in Time's Square. So, I'll just throw out a few of my latest rants here. The 2/3d's Rule Dr. Garstein is a professor of literary fiction. He can put the Hemingway in the sheet of stories sewn together in a fabric of words...
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    [NA]Backward "Nav" Lights

    Now that the gyms are all shut down, walking is a big part of trying to burn some calories off. Some days are just too cold and wet to bike. But that is not what this is about. That is a segway to the issue at hand. Porch lights are a thing. Normally, most houses come OEM with a single porch...
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    Like Bombing

    And I don't mean similar to bombing. Here' is how the conversation went. I have changed the names to protect the innocent, and accused guilty: Rayone: "It's soooooooo annoying!" Me: (okay I didn't change my own name) "What?" Rayone: "Shumaine literally likes every post I make!" Me: "That's a...
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    Bologna vs. Baloney

    We know how it's spelled, but how do you pronounce it? Bull-og-nah, or Bal-OH-knee?
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    Women's Cole Slaw Wrestling

    I swear this competition was made just for me. I'm just going to leave it right here.
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    A steak thread

    This is a follow up on a previous cole slaw thread where the discussion of horseradish came in to play re: admixture to cole slaw. This is the Vietnamese rendition of an American steak, made in a place that professes to make American steaks. The steak? A medium grade sirloin cut, probably...