Women's Cole Slaw Wrestling

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Touchdown! Greaser!
May 11, 2010
Charlotte, NC
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Snorting his way across the USA

I swear this competition was made just for me. I'm just going to leave it right here.
Cole Slaw wrestling has been a main event at Daytona Beach's Bike Week for decades.
Bike week (actually, Bike 10-days) is winding up here today. It is a really cool event where hundreds of thousands of doctors and lawyers dress up as thugs and cruise all over the county in $50-$!00k Harley Davidsons. Attendance is usually in excess of 500,000. It reached a peak of about 750,000 before the great recession.

Usually, neither girl ends the match with their clothes still in tact.
Too many tattoos, too many lbs, and not enough horseradish.

Oh, and it's demeaning to society. World Peace. Out.
Why do I feel like I already knew this was a thing.

Did we cover this before?
I hope we did.

I shouldn't know this is a thing already if we didn't cover it here.
If it’s good enough for Bike Week, shouldn’t it be good enough for SNF and Oshkosh?
Why do I feel like I should have PM'd 6PC and let him know that it was a thing, so he could present it as a thing.

Because he shouldn't feel that he doesn't already know this.
Don't forget some jello for dessert

Looks like a lot of cottage cheese fouling up the cole slaw.