1. Justin M

    Wired headline about Cirrus Jet

    Google has an headline about wired's photo article about the manufacture of the Cirrus jet.
  2. MN_Flyer

    For Sale: Club Membership South Saint Paul, MN Club Share for sale- Cirrus, Arrow, Archer, Warrior

    Membership Share Available for the Twin Cities Premier Flying Club! Join Prescott Flying Club, one of the most well-established and financially-stable flying clubs in the Twin Cities. Our fleet is fully-IFR equipped with WAAS GPS units in all four planes! With three brand new engines and recent...
  3. labbadabba

    Finally, something on the Cirrus SR20 G6

    I thought it odd with all the press for the SR22 G6 and its new wing lights and QWERTY keyboard that no one was talking about the much more significant upgrade to the "entry level" SR20. AvWeb has a great feature on the IO-390 in the SR20. This is the first application to a certified aircraft...
  4. labbadabba

    That other G6 Cirrus

    So, the other tread was mostly about the new SR22 which is drool-worthy (for most of us at least) but I think in a lot of ways the upgrade to the SR20 may be more significant. Two BIG changes. 1. Lyc IO-390 215 HP 2. 150lb increase in useful load This...
  5. labbadabba

    Comparison between SR22T and DA42 VI - Check my numbers

    So... slow day at work allows me to daydream about planes I can never own. I've long been a fan of the Diamond aircraft, I love their simplicity and ease of flying. Most of all, I love the safety record of Diamond planes. Which got me to wondering, why is the SR22 the top dog when it comes to...