1. meglin

    For Sale Wheel pants for the Cirrus SR22

    Wheel pants and the fairings of the chassis racks for the Cirrus SR22 aircraft. Highest strength with minimum weight.
  2. B

    Cirrus cup holder replacement linkage

    Hi everyone, I work as an A&P mechanic and find many many Cirrus planes that come in with a cup holder that does not close properly. This all stems from a single linkage that breaks or pops off and goes missing. I 3d printed several new parts and checked fitment and function, this could be an...
  3. X

    If you plan to fly a Cirrus should you train in a Cirrus?

    Hello !!! First post here. I would like to introduce my self and ask the question in the subject. I am in my forties, I live in the northeast and I decided now is the time to complete a dream of mine and learn to fly. After PPL, my plan is to take the family for trips around the area...
  4. B

    Wanted: Club Membership Bay Area Club/Partnership KPAO KSQL KSJC KRHV KHAF

    I am a private pilot who is moving to the Bay Area in July 2020. Nearly all of my training has been at KHHR in Los Angeles in Cirrus SR20's (G6). I'd love to stay with Cirrus aircraft but also considering options in other planes. My IFR training was cut short due to the Coronavirus but I plan on...
  5. C

    For Sale: Partnership Cirrus SR-22T at Rocky Mountain (KBJC) - Fly 1/4 Share With No Equity Buy-In

    * share available August 1, 2023 * I am looking for pilots to share in this beautiful, meticulously maintained 2007 Cirrus SR-22 Turbo. Fly like a 1/4 partner with a monthly & hourly lease and no equity buy in. $1,300 per month covers all costs (hangar, charts, base insurance) and includes 3...
  6. E

    For Sale Various NEW Cirrus SR-22 Parts for Sale

    I’m selling a handful of new SR-22 parts. These were originally purchased for a G2, but a number of parts will be compatible with other models. Feel free to see if these part numbers are compatible. Name - Part NO. Cirrus Nose Strut - 14082-006 Main Wheel Assembly - 40-75P Single Side - Main...
  7. Skepilot

    Cirrus SR22 Flying Club - Atlanta (PDK)

    Anybody interested in fractional ownership of a Cirrus SR22? Would you love to own one, but can't rationalize sole ownership? Rental options either poorly maintained or too expensive? Do you live within or near the perimeter of Atlanta? If you answered yes to those questions, this might be for...
  8. U

    SR22 Transition Training - Where?

    Title says most of it. I'm well acquainted with G1000, over 1000 hours, SEL, MEL, High performance, Complex, and instrument rated. There is an SR22 G3 GTS Turbo that I would like to rent & fly but the training instructor is out for a while and unavailable. Does anyone know a place that has this...
  9. P

    Wanted: Partnership Seeking Denver based aircraft partnership

    Currently looking to buy a Grumman Tiger, Cirrus SR22T, Bellanca Super Viking or Dakota in a 2 or 3 person group. Basing at Metro or KAPA. Advise if interested.
  10. GotPlugz

    For Sale COPA Migration 17 Special #2

    Buy It Here From As Low As $299.95 per Set Use Coupon Code 15OFFCIRRUS for an additional 15% OFF
  11. GotPlugz

    For Sale COPA Migration Special #1

    Buy It Here From As Low As - $74.95 Use Coupon Code 15OFFCIRRUS for an additional 15% OFF
  12. GotPlugz

    For Sale Cirrus Cowl Plugs - $59.95 + S&H

    Current Promo: $59.95 for a set of Cirrus Cowl Plugs w/ Pitot Tube Cover & Free Embroidery. Click Link Below.
  13. GotPlugz

    For Sale Calling all Cirrus Owners

    Exclusive Offer: $59.95 Cowl Plugs Set w/ Pitot Cover, and FREE Embroidery. To All Cirrus Owners - As we all know, the M17 annual migration is just around the corner. We decided to run a promotion only for Cirrus owners. The promotion is for a set of cowl plugs w/ RBF streamer, a pitot tube...
  14. xma

    For Sale Cirrus SR20 or SR22 dry-lease wanted

    I’m a high time ATP and CFI, looking to dry-rent or lease a Cirrus (G1000 equipped would be preferred) for a 60 hour block on the East Coast. Need it this week until August 15th. Anyone interested please PM me.
  15. D

    SR22 Instability

    Does anyone have any good links to articles or publications that discuss instability particular to the Cirrus SR22? From what I was told the FAA would not certify the aircraft had it not been for the CAPS system.
  16. GotPlugz

    For Sale 15% OFF Cowl Plugs w/ Free Pitot Cover, an option for embroidery

  17. A

    For Sale: Club Membership Cirrus SR20 Gen 2 at LZU

    Cirrus SR20 Gen 2 with WAAS GPS, DFC90 autopilot/flight director, NGT 9000 ADS-B. Dual Avidyne displays (PFD &MFD) hangared at LZU.
  18. A

    Long Term Planning for a Fast Comfortable Cross Country Plane

    Hi folks, This is my first post as a new user, but I've been lurking for a while now. I'd like to present a scenario that hopefully those on this forum with far more experience will chime in on with recommendations. I've been thinking about this stuff *forever*, so please forgive the long...
  19. easik

    Cirrus Crash At Kennesaw State University This happened just yesterday. Pilot had reported an engine failure before the crash happened. Aircraft looks to be a Cirrus from the footage. My guess is they pulled the...
  20. C

    Rentals in Texas

    Hello all, new member here. I recently joined because I noticed a post where other users in Texas were having a hard time finding premium rentals which seems crazy given the size of our state and that we have some of the US's largest cities here. It seems in any city you can rent a Piper 1X0...