1. ArrowFlyer86

    Pondering professional pilot pipeline

    I think all the professional pilots I've met were, at one point, CFIs/CFIIs. A lot, if not most of the hours they got were while flying with student pilots that were at an earlier stage of their flying adventures. At least that's been my understanding. This makes me wonder: If the applicant...
  2. jarod

    pilot time building, rental vs owning/ good career?

    Hello all, hope all is well for everyone. I am almost down with my training fly my PPL just need to take my written and then checkride prep, I also have my flight medical test coming up but it should be well and uneventful hopefully and allow me my 1st class medical. I’m seriously looking...
  3. K

    Commercial Pilot Career?

    Hello everyone, My boyfriend is currently considering pursuing a career as a commercial pilot. He's very serious about it and wants to get started ASAP. We've had conversations with admin at the local flight school and they want him to do an associates degree along with the flight training so...
  4. A

    eLearning solution for the aviation sector

    Hello everybody, As this is my first post, it's nice to meet you all My name is Andrei, and I am a Product Manager for a learning solution dedicated to the aviation sector. I've found this forum while doing research for a product I am helping my company bring to market. In my initial...
  5. I

    Advice on becoming a commercial pilot.

    Hello. I have wanted to fly my entire life, and it is something that I have wanted to do for a living for as long as I can remember. I got my private pilot certificate about 5 years ago but had to stop flying because I was not able to afford it. I am still not able to afford to fly...
  6. L

    Have I lost my mind? ;)

    Good afternoon everyone. Like so many, I have had a lifelong dream to become a pilot. Life, money, lack of support had always stopped me. I am now in a new situation and would like to get educated on REAL LIFE pilot training before I start dropping money into a too old "career". I am 46...
  7. CessnaTom

    Too late to start Flying?

    I'm 34 years old and have had a passion for flying for about 5 years now. Not looking to fly Boeings or anything. Looking to start a career flying smaller aircraft. Is is too late for me to start at my age?
  8. R

    For Sale Book: How To Become An Airline Pilot - Achieve Your Dream Without Going Broke

    I am currently in San Antonio, after having flown the red-eye here this morning. I became an airline pilot at age 49, after suffering 17 years at an unrelated & unsatisfying career. I used all the lame excuses about "why" I could not become an airline pilot. I told myself I couldn't take the pay...
  9. R

    I have my CPL... now what?

    So I just got my commercial multi certificate (comm single is coming by the end of this week) and I'm curious if y'all have any ideas of who/where to fly--countries, companies, etc.? I'm planning on finishing up my CFI, CFII, and MEI, but I would prefer to do some 135 type flying as opposed to...
  10. H

    HIRING pilots for new tv series

    We are currently casting for a new TV series to feature an airline pilot that while on a layover, loves to explore the city(s) they are in. This is a PAYING JOB from the TV network for a series, not just one episode. If you have a big curiosity for exploration, many adventure stories, an...
  11. labbadabba

    Career Drone Pilot?

    So with the FAA today allowing for testing for commercial civilian drone operators is there much of a career path? Any ideas how might one pursue a career?