1. A

    Looking for current DC pilots

    Hey guys! I’m wrapping up my IR at KGAI with Pilot in Training, and I am relatively new to the local aviation community since I’ve been in the DC area for about a year. Reason for the post is I’m starting to get more serious about purchasing my first aircraft. Mooney M20’s are at the top of my...
  2. jimbo

    AC rental or partnership in Central Iowa

    I'm brand new to PoA. I'm a PP ASEL, IFR, w/Acrobat endorsement. I live in central Iowa and I'm looking to find either a Cessna 177RG, 182 straight or RG, 210 or Bonanza to either rent or partner with. 600+ hrs most of it in Cessna retrac/HP.
  3. M

    New Pilot First Plane 90's Bonanza F33A

    Hello, Newer pilot here looking for advice on purchasing first plane. I've recently finished PPL and currently building time renting. Looking to buy a plane that I can grow into and use for actual cross country flying in the future. Plan to also do my Instrument on the plane I buy and...
  4. Lucky Lou

    New guy here planning the purchase of my first airplane

    Hello everyone, glad to find this site to learn about airplane ownership. I have been reading lots of postings about the decision process on buying a plane and I'm hoping to learn a lot more about which plane is best for our family. I have been thinking about buying my first flying contraption...
  5. Michael Colley

    For Sale 1963 Beech P35 Turbo Bonanza

    Inquire Here: Location: Morgantown, West Virginia(MGW) Total Time: 5190 hrs. Engine: Continental 630 SMOH 240 STOH Prop: 630 SPOH Next Annual Due: February, 2021 IFR Certification: Not Current Price $69,500 Avionics: •...
  6. Frank B

    For Sale WTB: Hartzell Scimitar PHC-C3YF-1RF/F8068

    Hello, I am looking for a serviceable used, maybe even a new or rebuilt, Hartzell Scimitar PHC-C3YF-1RF/F8068. I am willing to buy a prop that needs an overhaul as long as its not a prop strike. I am located in central Florida but have association with a moving company that travels pretty much...
  7. R

    For Sale: Partnership Half Interest in Bonanza A36 at PDK in Atlanta GA

    For sale: One-half interest in 1985 Beechcraft Bonanza A36 hangared at PDK in Atlanta GA. 5,400 TT. 760 SMOH in 2014. Turbonormalization by Tornado Alley Turbo (Whirlwind III with Rammer II intercooler, installed 2014 with new engine by RAM.) Hartzell 3-blade scimitar prop. 6-place...
  8. J

    6 Seat Rental?

    I just posted a thread about buying a 6 seater - Lance, Saratoga, C210, Bonanzas were all suggested. Having never flown any of these before, are there flight schools which rent them out? I live in Vegas but have the ability to travel elsewhere. Thank You!
  9. E

    Thoughts on First Plane Purchase

    Hello fellow Pilots! I am beginning to look into the purchase of my first plane. I have read many of the threads on here regarding plane purchases and expenses. I am ASEL Private and IR rated pilot with close to 200 hours (going to commercial and CFI/CFII next). Over 50 hours in Piper...
  10. Matt Gunderson

    Planning an Annual Inspection for a 55 year old Bonanza

    One of the things I find most enjoyable about owning my Beech Bonanza is the maintenance planning side of things. When I first bought my airplane, I created a catalog of nearly every part number installed on the airplane; poured through the logbooks capturing what had been replaced when, what...
  11. Matt Gunderson

    Flying Blind - Why VFR pilots get into trouble in the clouds

    Ever heard of 178 seconds to live? A few weeks ago my friend Martin Pauly and I went out for breakfast in his A36 Bonanza and we decided to make a video demonstrating him flying "by the seat of his pants" to see how long he could fly before getting into an unusual attitude. Martin is an in...
  12. Adam Weiss

    Looking to Buy (Again)...Recommendations?

    All, new to the forum, and happy to be here! Brief introduction: I'm a 300hr PP-SEL pilot. Previously, I owned a Beech Super Musketeer (A23-24 200HP) for about 5 years. Nice plane, but quickly had the itch for more speed. Now I'm in a club with a few 172s and a 182 now. Both good planes. I...
  13. L

    For Sale: Club Membership LNK Flying Club

    KLNK - Club Membership for sale. BE=36/G. Aspen glass panel, Garmin 530/430 GNS, Foreflight with IPad by Club. New Paint 2014. New Engine 2015. 10 members total. $150 hr wet. Initial buy in required with monthly fee. Must have a Private with IFR rating. Minimum of 25 hr complex time or work...