1. Naithan Scott

    Musketeer at Ryan airfield (RYN) Tucson AZ

    Hey everyone! I’m buying a beech musketeer in Az and want to get it painted before flying it to Jacksonville Florida. Anyone have any suggestions on a paint shop nearby? It’s already prepped for paint and annual.
  2. H

    New device increases safety for general aviation pilots

    General Aviation News Published an article about SkyVoice Alert 500, a takeoff and landing height announcer with LiDAR range of 590ft and repeated Gear Warnings from 560ft until the gear is down and locked, approved to install in all general aviation aircraft under the FAA’s Non Required Safety...
  3. C

    Should I get a Beechcraft Musketeer?

    Hello all, I have been looking into a bunch of different planes to buy a for time building use and recently have come across a Musketeer that is in my price range. The problem that I have run into when looking into these small planes is I'm 6'6 and I'm never sure if I will fit or not. I have...
  4. Caleb Greene

    Dynon SkyView HDX Certified

    Hello fellow forumers, I just wanted to introduce myself to the forums. I'm Caleb Greene and own an FAA Certified avionics facility at Cable Airport in Upland, CA. Recently, but not so recently, Dynon has come out to the certified market and are pushing production for STC in many single and...
  5. M

    New Pilot First Plane 90's Bonanza F33A

    Hello, Newer pilot here looking for advice on purchasing first plane. I've recently finished PPL and currently building time renting. Looking to buy a plane that I can grow into and use for actual cross country flying in the future. Plan to also do my Instrument on the plane I buy and...
  6. Michael Colley

    For Sale 1963 Beech P35 Turbo Bonanza

    Inquire Here: Location: Morgantown, West Virginia(MGW) Total Time: 5190 hrs. Engine: Continental 630 SMOH 240 STOH Prop: 630 SPOH Next Annual Due: February, 2021 IFR Certification: Not Current Price $69,500 Avionics: •...
  7. Michael Colley

    For Sale 1954 Beechcraft 18 C-45H

  8. DocSoCal

    Airplane Recommendations -New Pilot GA

    I’m new to aviation and let me start off by saying its amazing to finally be able to pursue the aviation lifestyle Mission: Fly SAFELY with my family (wife & 3 kids 8,10,12) from SoCal to St. George, UT, Cedar City, UT, Lake Havasu and Santa Barbara etc year around including winter. Were...
  9. R

    For Sale: Partnership Half Interest in Bonanza A36 at PDK in Atlanta GA

    For sale: One-half interest in 1985 Beechcraft Bonanza A36 hangared at PDK in Atlanta GA. 5,400 TT. 760 SMOH in 2014. Turbonormalization by Tornado Alley Turbo (Whirlwind III with Rammer II intercooler, installed 2014 with new engine by RAM.) Hartzell 3-blade scimitar prop. 6-place...
  10. Rick182

    Baron 56TC Drivers?

    Are there any Baron 56TC drivers out there? I’d like to pick your brain for a few minutes. Rick
  11. Jake B

    Radio Issue

    Hi all, Having a bit of a radio issue in my '71 Beech that I'm hoping someone may have had before. Since we bought it, the radios have been a little bit scratchy but recently have taken a turn for the worst. It slowly became harder and harder to hear incoming transmissions through the headset...
  12. M

    New to Market King Air 350

    Asking Price Only - $2,295,995 Airframe Total Time: 6030 Cycles: 5762 CofA Date: October 20, 2000 Engine Pratt and Whitney PT6A-60A Left Engine Right Engine Serial Number: PCE-PKO0338 PCE-PK0335 Total...
  13. Jake B

    Beechcraft Position Lights

    Hi all, I recently bought a Beechcraft B-19 Sport and I have a little issue with the wingtip and tail position lights. They are extremely touchy and sometimes randomly dont turn on. It seems like you have to turn the battery, alternator, and lights on in a very specific order for them to work...
  14. Naithan Scott

    Mooney M20, Piper Arrow, Beech Banonza or Sierra....complex decisions

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone is looking forward to the day full of festivities with friends, family and guests this Independence day. As I get closer to my private pilot check ride, I have begun to look into complex aircraft training *For personal experience before advanced endorsements*. To...
  15. Jake B

    Beech 19 Maintenance Manual

    Hi all, I'm looking for a Beech 19 Sport maintenance manual, but can't seem to find one online for the Sport, only the Musketeer, Sierra, etc. If anyone has a PDF copy I'd greatly appreciate it. Feel free to message me as well as I'm sure it will have to be sent over email.
  16. Matt Gunderson

    Planning an Annual Inspection for a 55 year old Bonanza

    One of the things I find most enjoyable about owning my Beech Bonanza is the maintenance planning side of things. When I first bought my airplane, I created a catalog of nearly every part number installed on the airplane; poured through the logbooks capturing what had been replaced when, what...
  17. Matt Gunderson

    Flying Blind - Why VFR pilots get into trouble in the clouds

    Ever heard of 178 seconds to live? A few weeks ago my friend Martin Pauly and I went out for breakfast in his A36 Bonanza and we decided to make a video demonstrating him flying "by the seat of his pants" to see how long he could fly before getting into an unusual attitude. Martin is an in...
  18. MulePilot

    Thoughts on the Beech Sierra?

    I'm curious what everyone's opinions on this aircraft are. I wanted to check here in the general populace before going over to the Beech forums. How're MX costs? Parts availability? Resale value? Would this be a decent buy or more of a headache? Opinions between the A, B, and C models? The poor...
  19. M

    For Sale Beechcraft B19 Raffle! Ends September 30, 2017

    Only 2,000 tickets will be sold so a great chance at a great plane! Besides the Beech, 2 other prizes will be awarded. Tickets are $50, or $125 for 3, and raffle ends September 30, 2017 unless all tickets are sold. Get your tickets while supporting a good cause! Official link for rules, details...
  20. International Air Rally

    Caribbean Air Rally

    Hello everyone! We just came back from the Caribbean Air Rally 2017 (April 3rd - 16th) and it was a blast! 19 aircraft from the USA, Europe and Canada departed from Fort Lauderdale Executive on April 3rd to fly across the Caribbean. You can see pictures and videos on our Facebook page...