angle of attack

  1. Trever Oakes

    Effect of Ailerons on Angle of Attack

    I've been working on a research paper, and I haven't been able to find a solid description of this. Why does a downward aileron cause a higher angle of attack, and likewise an upward aileron causes a lower angle of attack? Is it the same as the reason why flaps cause a higher angle of attack, by...
  2. birdus

    Angle of Attack: True or False

    True or False: The stick determines elevator position and elevator position determines angle of attack. When the critical angle of attack is exceeded, the wing stalls. So, given a design with enough elevator authority, if the stick is in your lap, then the wing is stalled. If the stick is, say...
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    Navy Pilots fly AoA, why not you...

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    AOPA article just published
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  8. Maui Cirrus CFII

    Aerodynamics of the Base to Final stall

    clearly explained by a leading expert
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  12. Maui Cirrus CFII

    Why the FAA is starting a push to use AoA

    a video by the FAA. I hope everyone has a safe 2017. This awareness video presents an analysis of AoA devices in the general aviation environment. It promotes FAA policy concerning non-required/supplemental AoA based systems for GA airplanes.
  13. Maui Cirrus CFII

    How to land a Cirrus in an Aircraft Carrier

    a fun one
  14. Maui Cirrus CFII

    How to make a perfect night landing

    pardon the music...
  15. Maui Cirrus CFII

    How to get 15 hours one one tank

    Edited for content
  16. Maui Cirrus CFII

    The Impossible Turn caught on video

    Video here Disclaimer: the video you are about to watch is to educate the pilot on Angle of Attack flying and in no way recommends, condones or encourages pilots to attempt it. Furthermore, we encourage owners of aircraft to consider an AoA for their aircraft, from any manufacturer. More...
  17. Maui Cirrus CFII