Why the FAA is starting a push to use AoA

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a video by the FAA. I hope everyone has a safe 2017.

This awareness video presents an analysis of AoA devices in the general aviation environment. It promotes FAA policy concerning non-required/supplemental AoA based systems for GA airplanes.
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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University installed AOA-based systems in its training airplanes. Initial research conducted by the university found that using AOA-based systems during training improved student awareness of airplane performance.4 This was especially true at slower airspeeds, such as during the approach and landing phases of flight. AOA-based systems can also aid in obtaining better cruise efficiency by enabling the pilot to configure the aircraft for minimum drag.
FAA and its industry partners are striving to reduce LOC accidents through initiatives that include the installation of AOA-based systems in GA airplanes. AOA-based displays provide a pilot with a visual indication that can assist in preventing LOC during critical phases of flight. The use of an AOA-based system in an airplane keeps the pilot informed of the AOA. The objective of AOA-based displays is to provide input to the pilot as a crosscheck to standard required instrumentation. AOA indication may improve pilot situational awareness to avoid exceeding the critical AOA3 and thus reduce the risk of an inadvertent stall. The FAA believes that the GA community can reduce LOC accidents through widespread acceptance, training, and appropriate use of AOA-based systems.
The FAA supports the retrofit of existing GA airplanes and encourages manufacturers of GA airplanes to incorporate AOA-based systems into both existing production airplanes and new designs as standard equipment. To meet this goal, the FAA has issued a new policy memo streamlining the design and production approval process of non-required/supplemental AOA-based systems for GA airplanes
Recommended Action: Aircraft maintenance providers, GA pilots, GA airplane owners/operators, flight instructors, flight schools/institutions of higher aeronautical education, training centers, and other stakeholders should implement the following recommendations identified below for their respective roles:

1. The GA community should install and use AOA-based systems to reduce the risk of an inadvertent stall that may result in a LOC accident;

2. Flight instructors and GA pilots should review operational material provided by AOA-based system manufacturers regarding the use of the specific system installed in the make and model airplane flown;

3. Aircraft maintenance providers and aircraft owners/operators should review the FAA policy MEMO regarding “Approval of Non-required AOA-based Systems,” dated February 5, 2014;

4. Flight schools, institutions of higher education, and other training providers should develop and integrate material into ground training, flight training, and academic education programs to train pilots on the appropriate use of AOA-based systems.
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