1. A

    Medical issue

    So long story short is that I used to be depressed and I had to take lexapro and I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and depression. It started originally in High school when it was the worst to the point of withdrawing from school but I left after my sophomore year (2018) and did online...
  2. L

    Need some advice, Piper Wing Walk AD

    Hi I am 17 and bought an airplane with some money I saved up, and got a Piper Challenger 180 (PA-28). Bought it back in March after I had a prebuy done on it and said it was free of cracks and corrosion on the wing spar and other places. Couple that with it have a a 0 time engine I bought the...
  3. R

    Experience in DTW Class B?

    Hi All - Planning a flight from PA to Michigan. Most direct routing will take me right through DTW Class B airspace from SE to NW, about 8-10 mi W of DTW. Wanted to ask those with experience if they will allow that, if there is a "preferred" route, etc. I don't see any "VFR Flyways"...
  4. ArrowFlyer86

    Looking for buying advice. A need for speed in new plane.

    A little bit of reflection as I embark on the journey of "upgrading". I was happy as a clam when I bought my Arrow a couple years ago right after getting my PPL. It had everything I wanted as a new pilot, 200hp, retractable, CS prop, 4 seater, etc. It was plenty to prove to myself I was no...
  5. jarod

    pilot time building, rental vs owning/ good career?

    Hello all, hope all is well for everyone. I am almost down with my training fly my PPL just need to take my written and then checkride prep, I also have my flight medical test coming up but it should be well and uneventful hopefully and allow me my 1st class medical. I’m seriously looking...
  6. C

    Tall pilot looking to buy a time building plane

    I just received my commercial certificate and I’m currently looking at planes to buy to build time but the only problem is that I’m 6’6 I did all my training in a 172 and I fit well enough but honestly I’m ready to fly something different but I know there aren’t a lot of options out there for a...
  7. P

    First Time Airplane Buyer....maybe

    I'm wondering what a good first airplane would be for the following pilot? Or if I should even buy right now. -110 hours Total Time (and on the rise) -ASEL PPL -Plans to do instrument rating in the future -Weekend day/overnight trips/casual weekday flying -Based out of KRVS (Tulsa, Oklahoma) so...
  8. L

    How to ease nerves flying solo? (Commercial student)

    I’m a commercial student with about 180 hrs TT. I’m working towards my 250 for commercial. I jumped right into instrument after private and now I’m jumping straight into commercial. I know I’m a good pilot, the CFIs tell me that, but I can’t help but constantly doubt myself or come up with...
  9. J

    Author doing research in need of pro advice

    I am currently writing a fiction novel and doing some research. One of my characters is a commercial pilot based on the west coast. When he's not working, he is flying his small aircraft and often flies up to 300-400 miles. I was hoping to get some advice from professional pilots, specifically...
  10. E

    New PPL student-4 hours, Nerves performing stalls and landings.

    I began training at the beginning of February and I fly once a week currently. I am wanting to fly more than once a week now to keep my mind sharp during this process. I have not yet done a stall on my own due to trying to get used to the weightless feeling of it. But I have been practicing slow...
  11. Z

    CFI vs other flying jobs

    So im new to this whole thing here, my name is Zak and im 29 years old with 350tt trying to find a flying job for the last year or so. I started CFI training in March and took my CFI initial exam in August and bombed the oral (1st NOD) took it again on September 23rd and no joy (2nd NOD). Heres...
  12. A

    ScholarShips for High School Pilot

    1. Is there in scholarships that I can apply for to pay for flight training or college itself? 2. Is there a better route for my education/flight training?
  13. B

    CFII Ride Advice/tips

    Hey all, I'm going in for my CFII ride. Already have my CFI. Wondering if anyone has any advice form their rides/how they went? Thanks
  14. L

    3rd Class Medical with DUI

    Yes, yet another topic on this matter... 3 years ago, I was arrested for DUI at age 22, blew a .22 at the station, but due to evidence of faulty procedural technique, I was charged with DUAC at .08 and I plead guilty. I told my attorney I didn't want to go through with trying to fight it, I was...
  15. E

    Grand Prairie, Tx Thoughts and Advice

    Learned today that I may be moving from the Columbia, SC area to the Grand Prairie, Tx area. My questions are: 1. Good safe places for a young couple to live with 0 kids preferably near a good GA airport? (will rent/apartment for at least a year). Once we decide to buy we will be looking for an...
  16. B

    Need Some Advice

    So I'm commercial instrument rated with ASES ASEL AMEL and 280 hours. I was studying for my CFI ride but long story short I ****ed off the examiners in my state and now I have to take the ride from the FAA—which is fine by me (it's free)—but they are currently having a funding problem as most...
  17. R

    I have my CPL... now what?

    So I just got my commercial multi certificate (comm single is coming by the end of this week) and I'm curious if y'all have any ideas of who/where to fly--countries, companies, etc.? I'm planning on finishing up my CFI, CFII, and MEI, but I would prefer to do some 135 type flying as opposed to...
  18. Andrew Byrd

    The best path?

    Hello all, I am new to the forum world, so please excuse any errors that I make. I currently have my PPL ASEL and am looking at doing an accelerated course to get my IR. The flight school I'm wanting to attend offers a 10 day multi-engine course as well, so I was wondering if I should go ahead...
  19. J. DeShazer

    I'm thinking about joining the Air Force.

    I'd like to hear (read) some advice on this. What's the Air Force like? How is it any different from, say, the Navy or the Coast Guard? How does flight training work in a military environment? I'll have more questions later. Can you help me come to a decision?
  20. C

    $30K and On the Way to Start Training

    My first post: 10/10/16 Greetings and salutations! I am getting close to starting training. My mission will include transcontinental XC for seeing family, lite backcountry, lots of $100 burgers and Mercy flights. I'd like to take the quickest route through IFR certification. I've saved some...