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Mar 4, 2019
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Learned today that I may be moving from the Columbia, SC area to the Grand Prairie, Tx area. My questions are:

1. Good safe places for a young couple to live with 0 kids preferably near a good GA airport? (will rent/apartment for at least a year). Once we decide to buy we will be looking for an older ranch style house around 1500 sq ft. Hate newer style cookie cutter homes.

2. Best school/club in the area for commercial and cfi ratings? Should be going for IR checkride as soon as I feel comfortable with the oral portion - really want to have this done b/f moving.

3. I have been told salary range of around 105k - 115k, is that a good salary range for the cost of living around that area or is it too low?

As always, much thanks for any and all advice!

Do your best to keep your commute short down there. There's crap load of commuters driving very long distances. And most of them drive like Texans.

Grand Prairie, like most of the Metroplex, has its share of nice and not-so-much.

You will have two nice GA airports really close, Grand Prairie and Arlington.
Welcome to Texas!

Although I would argue “an older ranch style house around 1500 sq ft” is the very epitome of a cookie cutter home. But I grew up in one in the 60s and 70s. Maybe it’s a generational thing.

Good luck in your move and home search.