What is that?
Griffon Lionheart. Kit-built airplane which was basically a modernized Staggerwing they made back in the late-90's. Something like 180kts on 18gph, using the R-985 Wasp Jr. They didn't make very many kits and I think there's probably only a few still flying/in existence. I really like the concept behind it. Sort of like doing a Factory Five Cobra or a Carbon SuperCub, just build an old design with modern materials/improvements.

The travel air mystery ship probably isn't the sexiest, but it's gotta be on the list. My wife, as you can see, was less impressed than me :biggrin:

Can't do it. The best looking taildragger has a Merlin, and the best looking radial has a nose wheel, P-51 and A-26 respectively.
Wiley Post and Harold Gatty flew around the world in his Lockheed Vega "Winnie Mae" from Long Island, NY and arrived back on July 1, 1930. Traveling 15,474 miles (24,903 km) in the record time of 8 days and 15 hours and 51 minutes.

I knew pilots that flew this Vega...

Not a tail dragger, but makes up for it by having 4 radials.

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Here’s a 4 engine radial taildragger….
I have friends with both. Neither is practical for 99.9% of private owners. Guys the radial Beavers all want Turbine Beavers. The best twin Beech is a King Air. The grass is always greener.

I’ve flown a King Air and Twin Beech.

I’ll take the Twin Beech over the KA any day (unless I absolutely have to be someplace in a hurry…..)
There are very few airplanes that would cause me to sell everything I own to buy. A Spartan Executive is high on that list.
Whenever I see an Executive, I have a picture in my mind of tall and thin craftsmen wearing worn shop aprons and flat caps, judiciously forming aluminum into those fabulous shapes.
So yer gonna make us ask. I’ll do it. What’s that?

Boeing 307 Stratoliner. Basically in the late 30s Boeing built a pressurized airliner loosely based on the B-17 airframe.

The one in the photo now sits in Udvar-Hazy.

Another one formerly owned by Howard Hughes was turned in to a houseboat down in Florida.
I’ve flown a King Air and Twin Beech.

I’ll take the Twin Beech over the KA any day (unless I absolutely have to be someplace in a hurry…..)
Jet a is for kids, real men fly airplanes with big propellers and lots of pistons……..
That's a beautiful pic. Along the lines of I don't really like the looks of the plane, but it looks pretty amazing in that pic.
I like the Sukhoi 29 too, but I think this is the best…. If it needs to be ‘sexy’ that means it needs to be exotic and a little dangerous.


I'll second the vote for the Ryan Sports Cruiser. I saw this puppy at Oshkosh last year and can't get it out of my mind. Any airplane that I couldn't afford to maintain or fly has little or no interest to me. I can actually imagine this beauty in my hangar. EAA-Ryan.jpeg