[NA]Microplastics; the latest thing to worry about.

"Little is known about the impact of microplastics on human health"

"No international consensus has been reached regarding the definition of microplastics"

"Currently, accurate statistics are unavailable regarding the sources of microplastics and the total amount of microplastics deposited in the land and sea."

"The threats that microplastics present to the human body have not yet been clearly identified."

A lot of unknowns and fear.

One of the best ways to generate fear is with unknowns.
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TLDR: Oil companies make a lot of money from generating new plastic. Recycling doesn't work for many reasons, big ones being that most plastic is difficult to recycle or can't be recycled, and its cheaper to just create new plastic. These companies have been shifting the burden of dealing with plastic waste to the public through recycling messages, instead what we should be doing in reducing the amount of plastic we use. Hard to do when everything is packaged in plastic.

"A constellation of groups trying to shape the negotiations can be traced back to the oil and gas industry. That includes some of the world's largest oil and gas companies, such as ExxonMobil, Chevron and France's TotalEnergies. And major oil-producing nations, such as Saudi Arabia, Russia and China, are at the negotiating table. They push a similar message: The problem of plastic pollution can be solved through recycling and other forms of waste management rather than through substantial cuts in new plastic production.

But years of research and investigations, including by NPR, have shown that recycling is failing to rein in plastic waste. Reducing how much new plastic gets made in the first place is a "prerequisite" to getting pollution under control, says Carsten Wachholz, who works at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and co-leads the Business Coalition for a Global Plastics Treaty."

"Laura Leebrick, a manager at Rogue Disposal & Recycling in southern Oregon, is standing on the end of its landfill watching an avalanche of plastic trash pour out of a semitrailer: containers, bags, packaging, strawberry containers, yogurt cups.

None of this plastic will be turned into new plastic things. All of it is buried.

"To me that felt like it was a betrayal of the public trust," she said. "I had been lying to people ... unwittingly."

Rogue, like most recycling companies, had been sending plastic trash to China, but when China shut its doors two years ago, Leebrick scoured the U.S. for buyers. She could find only someone who wanted white milk jugs. She sends the soda bottles to the state.

But when Leebrick tried to tell people the truth about burying all the other plastic, she says people didn't want to hear it.

"I remember the first meeting where I actually told a city council that it was costing more to recycle than it was to dispose of the same material as garbage," she says, "and it was like heresy had been spoken in the room: You're lying. This is gold. We take the time to clean it, take the labels off, separate it and put it here. It's gold. This is valuable."

But it's not valuable, and it never has been. And what's more, the makers of plastic — the nation's largest oil and gas companies — have known this all along, even as they spent millions of dollars telling the American public the opposite."
People living in fear are easily controlled for others’ gain/agenda. If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that a large portion of the population is easily pulled in to the “next big thing” to be afraid of.

I’d like to take this post a bit further, but I think I’ll stop there in lieu of going full spin zone…
I've honestly learned to ignore so many of these warnings. We are all going to die of something at sometime, and likely won't see it coming.

I've been exposed to lead, asbestos, and now the big one we are recently learning about, PFAS. And I could still get hit by a bus tomorrow.
I am perfectly fine w/ investigating the effects. Knock yourselves out with it. Gotta be more worthwhile than monitoring cow farts.

However, I must confess to getting tired of "we MUST panic IMMEDIATELY because it is unknown".
If you need me, I'll be under my bed until the .gov says it's safe to come out.
People also laughed at the ozone depletion and the actions performed to stop and reverse that process.

But you should be happy the right people raised awareness and managed to get rid of the worst ozone-depleting chemicals, ensuring that ads for Sunblock 5000 didn't become reality.
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I think this kind of stuff is the result of the media finding out scientist are researching an interesting thing and trying to make a story out of it.
I think this kind of stuff is the result of the media finding out scientist are researching an interesting thing and trying to make a story out of it.
Research group: we believe that X may cause Y for Z physical reasons, but it could also be explained by A so further study is needed.

University press office: New finding! X may cause Y!

Mass Media: scientists prove that X causes Y and why that’s concerning! Find out more at 10

Fringe media: The globalist cabal is trying to tell you that X causes Y but really X makes the frogs gay.
You forgot to include posters bringing up unrelated issues/solutions in orders to try to silence anyone daring to question the research
I find it’s more often “X could never cause Y and Y isn’t even happening. Why? Cuz. That’s why”
When you fund a study to get a result, many times the results are designed to promote the funding ...
When you fund a study to get a result, many times the results are designed to promote the funding ...

I swear the template for any study report includes "additional research (or study) is needed"
I fell for Temik, Alar, and Y2K.

I’m not falling for climate change or microplastics.
I'm doing my part by making sure all my plastics end up in the landfill, where they'll be safely locked away for hundreds of years.
An actor told us we only have 10 years to fix a certain problem. That was over 20 years ago and now we're down to only 12 years left!!!

We were all gonna be frozen by now ...