Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

Screenshot of the video, but too funny not to share...

If you're curious, Adam Savage was given use of one of these BD robots a couple year ago, and one of the things he did was build a rickshaw and have it pull him around.

Do you know there is only one scientific study that has linked speed to mishap RATE. And it found that it is a difference in speed that increases the mishap rate. So if you are doing the speed limit, and everyone else is doing 20 over, YOU are the problem, not them.

The US Interstates were designed for 1960 era cars with 1960 tires to run 70s MPH. So with all the increase in technology, we now need to run at 55????

The 55 MPH speed limit came about not for safety, but to save gas.

I will be visiting Uranus in September.