Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

When I was in college, one of the tasks we had to do in our fraternity before homecoming (besides wax the floors and polish the brass banister) was label all our canned goods with a sharpie. One of the traditions of our alumni was to check the commissary and remove the paper labels if we hadn't, and sometimes even if we had. It probably didn't help that the commissary was across the hall from the bar room in the basement.

I miss that place. We were the cheapest place to live on campus, cheaper than the dorms. Bunch of farm boys, we cleaned, repaired, and cooked everything ourselves to keep the costs down. You can imagine the hijinks we got up to. I probably would've passed calculus and become an engineer had it not been for the beer that flowed through there. Dodged that bullet :biggrin:
Reminds me of asking for .40S&W ammo in a Walmart and being told, "Smith& Wesson doesn't make ammunition."