If I change to EASA

Do you SP (Sport Pilot)? If so there is no medical required. Only for LSA aircraft. 1340# max and only 2 seats, no more than 120 Knots at sea level, maybe more
EASA medicals are often tougher than US versions.

The EASA regs are online. Check the medical section for disorders due to alcohol or other substance use.

I'll save you a bit of the trouble to look them up:
1) Mental or behavioural disorders due to
alcohol or other substance use, with or
without dependency, are disqualifying.
(2) A fit assessment may be considered af
ter a period of two years documented
sobriety or freedom from substance use.
At revalidation or renewal a fit assessment
may be considered earlier with a multi-pilot limitation. Depending on the individual
case, treatment and review may include:
(i) in-patient treatment of some weeks followed by:
(A) review by a psychiatric specialist; and
(B) ongoing review including blood testing and peer reports, which may be
required indefinitely.
You will find EASA just as hard on DUI. Plus to fly in the US on an EASA medical requires an EASA certified airplane, which is rare.

Sorry fella, you’re not outrunning this one.....
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