1. Justin6379

    General Question Over DUI, Form 8500-8, Form 8710-11

    Hello guys I’m reaching out because I do believe I made a couple mistakes. One mistake for sure, I do know that. First mistake was I received a DUI 6 years ago (I was 24, only alcohol related offense and no other offense sense then) with a B.A.C. at .192. Yesterday I went to do my first medical...
  2. P

    How to acquire a Medical Certification and Student Pilot's License with a DUI.

    Hello everyone! This post is for a friend whose goal is to be a fixed wing ATP pilot. He has one DUI on his record. It is less than 5 years ago with a BAC of less than 0.15. Does he have to jump through all the hoops? Does he need a psych eval? Does he have to be abstinent from alcohol for 90...
  3. F

    Omission in MedExpress

    A student is up for renewal for a first class medical. Currently working through their commercial license. When they first filled out their first class medical in ‘19 they omitted a DUI in 2015 for driving while under influence of Marijuana. Their only traffic violation and criminal charge...
  4. D

    Continue flying while medical under review.

    I sent my DUI information packet in late August 2023, and my medical has been under review since then. It seems like it going to take an eternity until they finally come back with an answer. My medical is still currently valid from what I understand so I am wondering if I should start working on...
  5. J

    Complex Medical Deferral w/Intl Move Triage

    Hey Pilots and Aviation/Medical Professionals! I've read many threads in this forum where members have taken time to help fellow pilots regain their wings after deferrals or less than ideal medical reports. My situation has proven to be unique enough that I'm starting a new thread. There are...
  6. A

    (Student pilot)Past dui not disclosed. Revocation faa!

    Hi, I’m curious. I recently starting training for my private pilot cert. Like 4 months ago with my 9-5 regular job. so i applied for my medical and got it on aug 1st week this year. I said no to an arrest. At that time i had practically zero knowledge on aviation and it was mistake because i...
  7. AKA~Naked Jailer

    Sport and DUI

    I have logged a whole 2.9 hours of flight time on my way to my PPL, when my instructor told me that I should work on my medical, He said, "you never know what will come up, it might take you 3 months to a year to get it". That's when I found out that my DUI from 4 years ago was a problem. I...
  8. kath

    FAQ: DUI's and alcohol/drug abuse

    I'm starting this thread in order to collect information about DUI/DWI and alcohol/drug abuse issues and pilot medicals. New pilots and Student Pilots: if you have ever had a DUI or issues with drugs/alcohol, please read some of these threads first! ------- Student pilot: 21 year old DUI...
  9. M

    Will I be required to do the HIMS program?

    Hello, I have a 3rd class medical and I will have it till 2024. I got a dui last year. The dui didn’t involve and accident or injury. I blew a .15 and a .13. I understand that the .15 is over the level for a regular AME to issue a medical. I am confused whether I will be required to do HIMS. I...
  10. R

    1 year later I get a letter from the FAA

    Hey Everyone, I just wanted to get some thoughts and feedback on what to expect from the FAA in my case. Last year on March 2019 I was interested in getting my PPL. So I did some research not knowing anything about aviation and where to begin, I figured the best place to start was to get my...
  11. B

    I think I really messed up. Please Help

    Hello I think I really messed up on my medical and I'm afraid it could be revoked. In 2008 I got a dui but didn't even start flying until 2013. It was difficult to get my first medical but I did. I reported it again on my second and third. On my third year my doctor told me that since I had...
  12. C

    Reckless driving charge

    I'm looking for some clarification on the situation I'm in and what I need to do as I haven't found an exact answer yet. I was recently arrested for DUI (biggest mistake of my life and I have more than learned my lesson) but was only convicted of reckless driving. My license was suspended in the...
  13. L

    3rd Class Medical with DUI

    Yes, yet another topic on this matter... 3 years ago, I was arrested for DUI at age 22, blew a .22 at the station, but due to evidence of faulty procedural technique, I was charged with DUAC at .08 and I plead guilty. I told my attorney I didn't want to go through with trying to fight it, I was...
  14. T

    2 DUIs / juvenile case

    So I’m looking for some honest / helpful advice. I love flying I got hooked ever since my first instruction flight. It’s a great feeling that can’t be beat. I want to make flying a career but Ive made some really stupid choices in my life recent and past. I won’t try to sugar coat it, just...
  15. H

    If I change to EASA

    I have
  16. H

    I got a DUI.

    I'm SPL. I got a DUI last November. And I'm not convicted yet. My attoney delaying my court. My BAC was 0.16% but my attoney try to reduce under 0.15%. If I report to FAA. Can I get a License? PPL, IR, CPL ?
  17. P

    Please delete this thread. Thank you.

    Please delete this thread. Thank you.
  18. kogabriel

    My Journey To Special Issuance Medical

    In 2004 I moved to Santa Barbara, California to attend school, my first big move away from the sheltered and innocent upbringing I had known. Within 18 months, I acquired my first DUI after driving under the influence, falling asleep at the wheel, and crashing my car off the freeway, rolling...