Have UK CAA (EASA) PPL want to get FAA PPL

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    I have a UK CAA PPL and want to fly in the US. I understand I have two options:

    1) Conversion to FAA (Piggyback).

    2) New FAA PPL (from scratch).

    I intend to do IR and CPL in the US, so my understanding is to get a standalone FAA PPL. I also understand that my hours in the UK will count towards my FAA PPL. Plus I need to pass written and check ride and new medical. However, my question is really related to HOURS.

    Since I want to get IR & CPL in the US, would be better for me to get first my A) Conversion (Piggyback) PPL B) Fly PIC so my hours will count toward higher ratings and at the same time get used to flying for PPL in the US?


    Don’t convert my UK PPL and pass FAA PPL and then higher ratings.

    I am not really clear about the regulations, but it seems to me that my PIC hours (Piggyback, during the time period of training for FAA PPL) should count as PIC in the US/FAA for IR and CPL?

    Please help, thanks. ChickenCanFly
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