hour building

  1. B

    Safety pilot in NoVA, MD, DC

    I’m an instrument-rated private pilot looking to find some safety pilot duties. I generally fly out of KHEF, but can drive to wherever you are based. I’ll buy the lunch. PM me if you’re interested!
  2. CaliFlier

    Time Sharing in OC

    Looking for a pilot that lives in the Orange County area that would want to split the cost of time building. I have PPL with instrument rating building hours to get a commercial. I usually fly out of Chino in a C172S but am flexible.
  3. F

    South Florida - Rental Share - Time building

    Hi All, Any pilots here that need to build hours towards a Rating in the Palm Beach or Broward areas and need hours? I understand concept of buying lunch for safety pilots, but I’m looking for mutually beneficial situations where both of us can save money and have some fun building CC hours...
  4. F

    Time Building New York area

    Hey all, I am looking for a time building partner in the New york area. I have access to a very well maintained Piper Warrior for a special low rate out of Republic Airport KFRG, or willing to go in your airplane. You can Private message me if interested , thank you !
  5. chickencanfly

    Have UK CAA (EASA) PPL want to get FAA PPL

    I have a UK CAA PPL and want to fly in the US. I understand I have two options: 1) Conversion to FAA (Piggyback). 2) New FAA PPL (from scratch). I intend to do IR and CPL in the US, so my understanding is to get a standalone FAA PPL. I also understand that my hours in the UK will count...