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May 9, 2007
San Diego
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Hello there,
My hangar neighbor has been having intermittent issues with his GNS430W. First, it was giving database integrity errors. We put in the two cards from my plane's 530W and it worked fine. So, we updated his terrain/obstacle and navigation data cards. That's when things went from bad to worse. I am thinking the photo included below are the equilivent of Microsoft's BSOD. Any thoughts or ideas to contemplate before sending the unit to Garmin?

Thanks in advance!


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Any thoughts or ideas to contemplate before sending the unit to Garmin?

Thanks in advance!
Yes, call Garmin Aviation support number. They are very helpful and will have the answers for best next steps. They have been good at providing guidance for diagnostics.
Does that BSOD resolve if you put the known good cards back in?
Have you tried updating the software? What software version is currently installed?
Hello everyone,
I am getting ready to head to the hangar again now to tinker. We only have one terrain/obstacle card (which I just updated) so I don't have the ability to swap that one. I have tried with various versions of the navigation card to no avail. Perhaps the software update is an option and I will need to talk to a local avionics shop to see if that is an option.
Although Garmin will take your $ to fix it - if they can - you'd end up with a fixed but still very old (and outdated IMHO) navigation unit.

A suggestion -give it a thought on biting the bullet and upgrading to a GTN 650.
......corrupted cards installed.

Yep. Get ready to shell out some AMUs for new data cards. But, before you purchase make sure you understand which ones you need for your application (its clear as mud if you've not yet deciphered it).
Good news. Things seem to be looking up. I removed both datacards and turned the unit on. It gave a pair of messages about not having valid databases but passed it's self check and appeared to function like a normal nav/com. I went through a few rounds of inserting various cards one at a time (leaving the other slot empty) and was able to determine the terrain/obstacle card was corrupt. I borrowed a terrain card from a different aircraft and got the unit to function normally. Looks like we may avoid a sending the unit in afterall. Thanks everyone for your responses!
A few of us had this issue last month. Garmin replaced my terrain card for free. See this thread:

GNS530W Terrain card seems to be dead

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