Flying near Wash DC - SFRA Training

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Go the extra step and get an FRZ certification -- you can then land at College Park and have the METRO there to take you all over the National Capitol Region on day trips or even weekends. Beats DC traffic by flying in and out. It is not hard - I have gone in and out of the FRZ 100+ times with zero issues. I am not sure why so many folks are anxious about it. The FBO there is super friendly, and there is a terrific aviation museum on the field. I commuted to DC for work from 2010 to 2011 from Central PA -- saved 2 hours of driving EACH way every time I travelled there.
Mike N714AJ
Thx to all. You make me feel more confident. I’ve never flown the SFRA & one hears such horror stories. I hate being on the news.

You take the course & think you understand, until you start plotting it out. I’m just transiting the region on a slow meander to Osh. Probably cross at Cumberland.
I'm from the DC area as well. I'll be starting my training in AZ however.