A&P / Avionics in San Antonio TX

Matt Ewoldt

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Feb 13, 2020
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New to SA TX...67 Mooney M20F. Simply looking to understand options. My bird is based in Castroville (KCVB)

We’ve used Pippen-York at Fredericksburg for all our radio work, including new comm panel, transponder, and ADS-B.

there’s a guy that has a shop at Kerrville but keeps his Mooney at Boerne Stage. We’ve only used him for the bi-annual inspections, but he has his own panel all tricked out in glass. http://avionicsservices.net
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Bison Aviation at 5C1 just hired 2 more techs for panel work.
Very capable retired military guys.

As stated above, Ronny at avionicservices is also very capable of doing panel work.
I have heard good things about Pippen-York.
I have only spoken with them but I understand Pippen-York to be the guys. T82 Gillespie county.
84R. Smithville airport. SWTA is a Mooney Service Center. JD is a straight shooting guy and does both. Wouldn’t go anywhere else in the SA area.