1. ArrowFlyer86

    Maintenance shop customer service

    Honest question: have aircraft maintenance shops always had questionable customer service, or is that a new, Post-COVID, A&P shortage development? B/c I've found dealing with these shops to be the least enjoyable aspect of ownership over the last 3 years. Not because they're the bearers of bad...
  2. ArrowFlyer86

    Replacing Turn Coordinator... or not?

    On the last three flights before annual my turn coordinator began sticking in a turn long after I'd leveled out (see pic below). Now I need to replace it or come up with some solution b/c when the plane exits annual I'll be finishing up the IR training. Currently I have a single Garmin G5 AI...
  3. ArrowFlyer86

    Lubricant for the yoke connection

    When I get my plane (PA28R) back from annual each year the shaft connecting the yoke is always well greased with virtually no friction giving the controls a nice, new frictionless feel. Now I'd kind of like do that maintenance myself periodically b/c after 150h it's not as nice... Curious is...
  4. ArrowFlyer86

    GTX 335 altitude routinely off by 100'

    Over the past year I've noticed the pressure altitude reported by the transponder is routinely off by 100' when compared to my altimeter when set to 29.92. In every case it reports me being 100' lower (never higher). On some rare occasions it's been 200 feet (since there is only 100' resolution...
  5. T

    My A/C is broke

    Hello I have an R182 from the 80's with an, convenient for hot summer months, A/C. When I first purchased the plane the A/C worked, not great, but it made enough of a difference. I don't like sitting in a swamp when I fly so I was hoping to get it fixed. Here's my dilemma. MX is generally...
  6. T

    Looking at a C150

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to buy a Cessna 150. I have found one that I am interested in. I contacted the owner and he is a mechanic himself. He purchased the airplane from a friend. The airplane had not flown for 5-6 years. He ferried it home and did a annual and got all the instrument...
  7. M

    A&P / Avionics in San Antonio TX

    New to SA TX...67 Mooney M20F. Simply looking to understand options. My bird is based in Castroville (KCVB)