1. H

    What was the first aviation related book that you read?

    With the risk of revealing your age... (I mean, flight hours) do you recall what was the first aviation-related book you read? Do you still keep it on your bookshelf? (Share a pic or link if you want) Here's mine: "The Killing Zone". A book that may scare the s*** out of many aspiring pilots but...
  2. C

    How to get a job in the aviation industry?

    Hi everyone, I’m Catherine. I just graduated collage with a degree in ATC. I’m having difficulty landing a job. I’ve applied to multiple FBOs in my area and major airlines too. But I got rejected multiple times. I don’t have any hands on experience in aviation but I learned a lot in school, so...
  3. G

    Learning IFR Low Altitude Charts

    I am new to the forum and am studying for my IFR and reviewing low altitude charts. This is my first ever question on a forum. Here goes: Why don't the majority of the VOR boxes on my New York IFR Low Altitude chart include service volume class desgnators? (T,L, or H). I see a few designated as...
  4. J

    Possible 3rd-class Medical Certificate disqualification due to old diagnosis

    Good afternoon! I'm obviously new here so I kind of wanted to introduce myself first. My name is Josh! :) I'm currently 27 and I've been interested in flying my entire life, but only recently have I been able to get to pursue it! I've flown a couple of times before on trips. Actually got to fly...
  5. HurricaneHannah

    Obtaining Hours

    Hey guys! New member here. I am currently a commercial student, and wanting to fly as much as possible. Outside of buying an airplane, I wanted to get advice on what some good routes are as far as airplane rental vs flight clubs, etc. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance :)
  6. Adan Alspektor

    Young Aviators

    Hi, I'm Adan, a student pilot. I fly at a small airport in Snohomish, WA. I'm 17 and I was wondering if there were any other young pilots on this website. If so, make yourself known! Adan :)
  7. A

    ScholarShips for High School Pilot

    1. Is there in scholarships that I can apply for to pay for flight training or college itself? 2. Is there a better route for my education/flight training?
  8. S

    Want To Buy CFI near Chandler, AZ

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a CFI to instruct me towards the PPL in a RV-9A that I'm a 50% owner of. Let me know if you'd be interested or know someone who would. Available anytime besides weekdays 9-4. Thanks.
  9. C

    Reckless driving charge

    I'm looking for some clarification on the situation I'm in and what I need to do as I haven't found an exact answer yet. I was recently arrested for DUI (biggest mistake of my life and I have more than learned my lesson) but was only convicted of reckless driving. My license was suspended in the...
  10. airfieldeats

    How would you answer this?

    I had a student recently ask me, "If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself before starting flight school?" I never thought about it until I had been asked. While there are several things I would advise, I would certainly have recommended that I finish ground training...
  11. D

    For Sale David Clark headset $150

    I am selling my David clarks, and other stuff I will never use anymore. Got me thru school and great for a begining pilot. Please email me if any questions ( I can ship just about anywhere, same or next day shipping. I take paypal.
  12. N

    Student Pilot weather minimums, not solo

    Hello all. I am a whopping 9hrs into training and loving it. I fly in SE Virginia and my CFI is constantly cancelling due to winds. Most make sense even to my untrained weather sense. He is fantastic, I am learning a ton. I am just curious if he is being overly cautious. I dont know enough...
  13. V

    Going on Las Vegas for vacation

    Hey POA, I am a low hour PPL student and am going to Las Vegas for vacation in a few weeks. I was wondering if it is in the realm of possibility to get a flying lesson at a school to see the area and add another hour or two to my logbook? Is this something people would actually do, or am I not...
  14. R

    How to be a better flight instructor... thoughts?

    So my MEI ride is coming up within the next week or two and I'm already asking myself how I can be a better flight instructor. Lately, I've been reading through a lot of advisory circulars and SAIBs but I'm not sure what else I should be doing. Outside of actually spending time in the plane...
  15. AlexEdit

    Documenting every hour

    Hi All - I am brand new to this forum and glad I found it. I am a student pilot and looking to read more and learn more from other experiences. I am documenting every single hour of my journey and posting it on youtube on a weekly basis. Hopefully this will help me get better and help others...
  16. B

    San Diego flight training

    Hi, I'm looking for suggestions on flight training in San Diego. I'm in the military and just transferred down to the area. I'm currently waiting to do my instrument check ride, but once that is done I would like to continue my flight training to get on with an airline in the future. I was...