1. ArrowFlyer86

    Anyone bought any "AOG Technics" components lately?

    Seems like a company has been manufacturing bunk parts for a popular jet engine and somehow selling them to commercial clients. Apparently they were forging 'Authorized Release Certificates' in order to make the products conformant for the customers, when in fact how/where they were created and...
  2. S

    Transponders for paragliders

    I'm a former Navy and small aircraft pilot, and now fly unpowered paragliders in the Seattle area. I'm interested if there are small lightweight transponders a paraglider could carry to simply squawk 1200 to show up on our local Seattle Approach radar. I've ridden thermals to 15K' and had 6+...
  3. ArrowFlyer86

    Wind turbine farms with blinking lights

    A Wall Street Journal article on this discusses measures that are being considered in some places to get rid of the blinking red lights on top of wind farms. Might be paywalled, but you can probably google the article and open it (WSJ: "Lawmakers Crack Down on Wind Turbine Lights That Flash All...
  4. Flyer Scott

    Where not to fly in IL…

    This is meant as a polite safety recommendation. If you were not at the FAASTeam Wings event this evening at Clow (1C5) regarding the ATC ops at KLOT, please get up to speed on the situation there before venturing into the KLOT Delta. There is no radar, no FDIO, and no current plans to add any...
  5. ArrowFlyer86

    FAA Safety Seminar / Wings Program

    With the terribly horrendous weather the last month in Chicago I've barely been able to fly. Low ceilings, icing risk and generally bad weather have thrown a wrench into my IFR training regimen. And now the plane is going in for annual in about a week. To try and keep some modicum of aviation...
  6. ArrowFlyer86

    Better to arrive alive

    Decided to do a 1h flight under MVFR to MI for Xmas. Conditions would allow a low cruise. Lower than I'd normally do but still acceptable with plenty of obstacle clearance for my route. It'd been pretty stable so I wasn't that concerned about wx changing too rapidly on me. So I took off and...
  7. JH35209

    Routing advice for ferrying Piper Archer from Philadelphia to Los Angeles

    Hi all, this is my first post to the forum. I'm purchasing a PA28-181 (Archer III) in Philadelphia and will be flying it home to Orange County (just south of Los Angeles) at the end of October. The plane's service ceiling is about 11,000 MSL. Given the time of year and desire to avoid the...
  8. PeterNSteinmetz

    Reported impressive reduction in accidents due to ADS-B In

    Initial report of 53% reduction in accidents overall and 89% reduction in fatal accidents with use of ADS-B In. If this holds up, that is an impressive reduction. Much more significant that a lot of training programs combined...
  9. Huckster79

    Carb Ice Discussion

    Theres a good thread in Lessons Learned about a fellow POA Pilot that survived a brutal forced landing likely due to carb ice. I had a run in with it in primary training that turned out fine, but lets face it its a risk that is always there, for some of us more than others depending on what we...
  10. A

    Radar App for near by airplanes to maximize saftey?

    Hello, I am PP student, I have been looking for an app that have the ability to show near by aircraft position to use as a secondary precaution to VFR to maximize safety, I have only few hours flying and so far i feel that I have no special issues with aircraft control, the only thing that...
  11. J

    Cirrus vs A36

    Just wondering if anyone knows any recent report comparing safety of the Bonanza A36 to the Cirrus.
  12. easik

    5 Safety Rules every Pilot should have in the bag

    Here are my 5 safety tips for every Pilot or Pilot in training. I explain my points futher in the video Let me know your thoughts or experiences. 1. Be a Defensive Pilot 2. Check your Fatigue level before each flight 3. ATC is not always right 4. Don’t be a Jerk 5. Respect Mother Nature
  13. J

    For Sale Iridium 9575 Extreme Satellite Phone w/Pelican Case

    Description Integrated SOS features. High Gain Antenna. Fully integrated services of customizable GPS, online tracking and programmable emergency contact. Global Coverage. Easy set up- just purchase a pre-paid SIM card and you are set. Durable MIL grade construction. All attachments, adapters...
  14. R

    Unruly Passengers... What Situations and How to Handle?

    So some friends and I rented a boat today and it turned into quite the disaster. People jumping overboard while cruising, people falling under the boat right when I was attempting to beach it, people who could barely walk but wanted to swim, and many other odd, unexpected, and dangerous...
  15. Ozone

    Spin training and incipient spin recovery video

    I decided to do some spin and incipient spin recovery training after having not done it in years. I made a video of the training, and i hope some find it useful. Link:
  16. denverpilot

    Colorado / KAPA / Centennial : C-1 Run-Up Area

    New info from KAPA on the C1 run-up area. Most notably, they'd like you to turn around and point your tail into the grass, after moving as far off to the edge as possible.