1. Ozone

    LoPresti hubba hubba caps missing access doors question

    The access doors on the hubba hubba caps for my club's arrow fell off while i was flying the plane...twice. They never seemed to be well-secured in the first place. I called around, and lopresti doesn't supply the access doors by themselves, just the whole kit. For $270-290, this situation...
  2. ArrowFlyer86

    GPT - 15 Months Later

    It made quite a splash when it was first released and we had a couple threads about it here on PoA. As I recall there was lots of hype and equal quantities of skepticism. On the bright side, The AI Robot Uprising to Revolt Against Humanity hasn't happened yet, so we've got that going for us...
  3. K

    Trans-friendly AMEs in America

    Hello. Does anyone here know any AMEs that are friendly/accepting of transgender individuals? Ideally in Arizona but if not in Arizona than anywhere else in America is fine.
  4. D

    Air Ambulance: Fixed Wing Question

    Hi all! I had a question that hopefully an air ambulance pilot could answer. I’m looking into moving into the field and was seeing that the schedule is typically 7/7. It seems that the most common circumstance is being in some sort of local base for those 7 days on. Is it ever the case that you...
  5. jarod

    FSDO inspector VS DPE

    Hello all, hope all is well as we approach the end of the year. I am writing today for just some simple insight and opinions from you all as the best way for me to proceed. I am almost finished with my training for my PPL and am getting ready for a checkride. My LOA for my medical flight test...
  6. R

    What path should I take to get to the majors

    Hello My name is Ryan I'm a Junior in high school about to turn 17 I want to make it to the majors but I am trying to decide the best path for me currently I found a flight school that would do my PPL part 61 at 11 grand full costs but I feel like this will add up quickly with all the upcoming...
  7. J

    Request to post my Survey link for my final year report research project.

    Hey guys , this might be the most random post you might ever see here but I am a student conducting a research on pilots and the struggles of covid 19, i have requested /asked many people through different platforms to fill the survey but had very less success . The survey is aimed to pilots and...
  8. Parker Cantrell

    Obtaining IR in a plane without IFR rated GPS

    Hello all! What are your thoughts on working towards my IR in an airplane without an IFR rated GPS? Currently, I run a Bendix/king skyforce III(not IFR approved) in my '68 Cardinal. In addition, what would be the best affordable IFR capable GPS systems on the market? Garmin 430 waas,garmin 155...
  9. L

    How Accurate Is The Crash Scene From Flight

    Just like the title says how accurate is the crash scene from the film Flight with Denzel Washington. In case you haven't seen it here's a link to a YouTube clip of the scene Sorry if this has been asked before. I also just cannot be bothered to sit through those 30 minutes long videos from...
  10. L

    Not a Pilot...At least not yet but wanna hear from you guys

    Hey Folks, so I have a confession, I am neither a pilot nor am I American....I'm from Canada but I stumbled upon this forum and kindda jumped at it. I am just hoping to be able to learn as much as possible from you folks who have a lot more experience in the trade than me. I have been on other...
  11. Amsirahc

    First Flight Lesson and Questions

    Howdy everyone! New student pilot here, and I just wanted to share my first-time experience with others and ask some questions (see the end for the questions). Since this is something I've wait my entire 34 years of existence for, I'm going to be treating it with the utmost respect and the...
  12. T

    I’m starting my flight training but I’m scared of dying.

    I’m 16, had my discovery flight on Monday in the DA20. I was excited but also scared at the same time. My stomach kept dropping etc and there were winds. I felt like we were going to fall out of the sky (It’s been almost 10 years since I last flew on a plane). I really want to become a pilot, I...
  13. R

    Can I even be a pilot?

    So in 2016 I was arrested for a felony drug charge, but the charges were eventually dropped. Next year I am able to expunge the arrest on my record, I've talked to a few people they said it's extremely unlikely that I could be an airline pilot. Someone suggested I try to apply for a first class...
  14. R

    Quick Question PLEASE for all private pilots

    Hello! I have a quick question please! I am trying to gather at least 20 pilots to agree that they would do something like this hypothetically. How many private pilots out there would be willing to either build hours by splitting expenses, or casually fly a couple "strangers" to a destination...
  15. W

    Would it be possible to fly inside a city?

    Greetings! I'm an artist/writer who's currently working on a graphic novel about future fighter pilots. My main objective is to accurately portray how a fighter pilot may respond to the situations given in the story. I ensure you that I do my homework, as there's nothing I despise more than...