1. F

    Need Pre-Buy in/near Billings, MT for LSA w/Rotax 912

    I am looking to purchase a Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA or E-LSA) with a Rotax 912 engine. I'm considering one in the Billings, Montana area, among other places. If you know of any DARs or A&Ps or Rotax shops in that area (or in reasonable proximity and willing to travel there) I would be...
  2. O

    Any Suggestion for a Baron Prebuy in Waukegan, IL?

    I'm in the process of acquiring an E55, and would like to get any reference for a pre-buy, possibly doing an annual as well, within 100mi of KUGN? Was suggested Jim Finefield in 3CK but they are a few weeks backed up with annuals.
  3. F

    Saratoga Prebuy Recommendations near Houston, TX?

    Hey all -- new the forum! Curious if anyone can recommend a shop or A&P near Houston,TX to complete a comprehensive pre-buy inspection on a Saratoga? Thanks!
  4. Travis Schaefer

    ISO A&P for partial prebuy inspection Piper Seneca iii Oakland/Hayward, CA wanted

    Greetings, I am in search of an A&P in the Oakland/ Hayward, CA area for a partial pre-buy inspection of a Piper Seneca iii. Wednesday, June 24th at the Hayward Airport. I am mostly needing the motors bore scoped and general engine/propeller conditional inspection. Continental TSIO-360-kb's...
  5. J

    Looking for a good mechanic to do pre-buy in Dawson, GA (16J)

    Hi, I am based in the Dallas, TX and I'm looking into purchasing a plane in Dawson, Georgia. Looking for recommendations for a good A&P/IA to perform a pre-buy inspection. 16J is about 2 hours drive north of Tallahassee and 3 hours drive south of Atlanta. Any recommendations would be greatly...
  6. Taft

    How many pre-buys did you have to do?

    I’m getting back into aviation (after 10 years away) and starting to think about what I want to buy. I often hear people say that they spent years trying to buy their airplane. I’m curious to hear how long it took you to find the right plane - how many inspections and how long did it take? For...
  7. J

    Buying a Cessna 150

    I’m interested in a 1963 Cessna 150D to be used as a time builder. This is the first aircraft I’ve ever been serious about purchasing. I don’t have a mechanic or have any idea how to find an A&P in my area. I’ve been talking to the seller, and he’s got an annual scheduled for this week. From...
  8. R

    1974 Cessna 172M - Prebuy recommendations - Sioux City, SD

    I am looking at purchasing my my first airplane and unfortunately COVID is keeping me from traveling to look at it. The airframe has under 3000TT and it appears to have been well taken care of cosmetically. The engine has 900 SMOH. Does anyone have a recommendation what to look for and a...
  9. J

    Need a mechanic for a pre-buy inspection C150

    Looking for someone to do an independent pre-buy inspection/annual for a C150 near Sioux city, IA. I'm also interested in a plane located in Onsted, MI. Anyone recommended?
  10. stevenhmiller

    Need recommendation for pre-buy in Ohio at either KDLZ or KOSU

    I'm in the process of buying a Piper Dakota and need to get a pre-buy inspection. Can anyone recommend a good API for this? The plane is at KOSU - Columbus. Thanks!
  11. R

    Pre-buy inspection, SF Bay area

    Hello. I'm looking for someone to do a pre-buy on a 1964 Cessna 172 in the SF Bay area. Anyone in the area have a recommendation? They'll need to be mobile, as the plane is located at Sonoma Skypark and is out of annual. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  12. Keck Aviation

    Aircraft Inspections

    Whether you need an Annual Inspection, an Experimental inspection, or anything in-between, Call us at Keck Aviation to schedule it! We have over 70 years of combined experience and testimonials to prove our skills. (330)552-8889
  13. stevenhmiller

    Seeking recommendation for A&P for Pre-Buy in/around Chino, CA.

    I'm flying out to look at an Archer this weekend. If all goes well, I'd like to get a pre-buy inspection done on Saturday (2/18). Can anyone recommend a really good mechanic for the pre-buy, in or around Chino, CA (KCNO)? I'd prefer to use someone that comes highly recommended, rather than pick...
  14. German guy

    [rant]Aircraft ‚sellers‘, mechanics and the difficulties of buying an airplane[/rant]

    This is the third time, my wife and I are in the market for a plane: The first one was a Cessna, then our Mooney and now something fun like a Kitfox or maybe a vintage aircraft. We probably all heard the advice of how to buy an airplane, if one wants to avoid almost certain financial disaster...