Seeking recommendation for A&P for Pre-Buy in/around Chino, CA.


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Sep 11, 2014
New York
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Steve's Archer
I'm flying out to look at an Archer this weekend. If all goes well, I'd like to get a pre-buy inspection done on Saturday (2/18). Can anyone recommend a really good mechanic for the pre-buy, in or around Chino, CA (KCNO)? I'd prefer to use someone that comes highly recommended, rather than pick someone from an internet ad.

Please provide name, phone number and how you know this person to be good.

Call Jordan at Waypoint [or whatever they're called now] at Riverside - he can hook you up - tell him I said hi. 951-741-7089

Remember- a pre-buy is only a physical condition inspection - you should do an annual to make sure the paperwork and rest of it is up to snuff - but I don't want to start that debate again.
Decided to pass on the plane. Corrosion. No need for a pre-buy. Thanks!