1. J

    2 different fuel flow figures in a Cruise Performance Chart for a constant speed prop. What??

    I’m trying to do some fuel calc for my first cross country in a DA40 with a constant prop and mixture + prop speed + throttle controls. From my fixed prop training, I had associated a specific RPM with a fuel flow. But this chart seems to suggest that you can get different flow rates at the...
  2. Paul Hamilton CFI

    Optimum altitude for crusing small aircraft

    In the process of creating a performance video for entry level students for small fixed pitch reciprocating engines. Stuck with trying to determine the optimum altitude for best cruise performance. Yes, best angle of attack for best l/d is obvious and as altitude goes up, TAS increases, and...
  3. T

    Archer II vs. Archer III fuel burn rates - why different?

    Taking a look at the Archer II vs Archer III POHs (I own a II), I noticed that the best economy fuel burn rates listed are quite different, and they're quite a bit higher for the Archer III. Here are the numbers: % power Archer II Archer III 55 6.3 8.2...
  4. Ray Jr

    Looking for your info on your airplane ownership experience

    Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone would like to share any or all of the details listed below related to their airplane ownership experience. I'm working on a new YouTube channel that focuses on the cost of owning specific aircraft. Something I found sadly lacking online while doing my own...
  5. David Anthony

    Diamond da20 c1 and diamond star da40 ForeFlight performance profiles

    I’ve been trying to get my performance profiles more accurate for flight planning purposes on ForeFlight. I fly primarily in Michigan so elevation sits around 1000’ typically. Does anyone have any performance profiles they would mind sharing??
  6. F

    What would you do? (Checkride)

    I have my commercial checkride next week. I have been studying my butt off... I finally feel up to the ACS standards on both the ground and flight portion. However, I have an issue: The aircraft I am taking my checkride in is an old Piper Arrow. The AFM only offers one chart for takeoff...
  7. Colorado182

    Change in cruise speed?

    Anyone experiment with the change in cruise speed between a forward and aft CG? What were the differences in your aircraft?
  8. M

    Grumman Tiger Performance Problem

    We have an AG5B with a O-360-A4K which is pretty typical for the Tiger. Our Tiger has a newly overhauled engine, new prop, overhauled carb, new mags, new plugs all with less than 50 hrs. New prop at 63 degrees which is mid range between cruise and climb props. We just cannot get the...
  9. B

    Runway Analysis Chart

    Is anyone familiar with these performance charts in this PDF attachment? I understand it more or less, but I would like a blow by blow instruction on how to use it if possible, especially the landing performance chart.