1. C

    Refill of portable avox oxygen system

    Hi everyone, nice to meet you all, I am new here.. I have a big question even though I had been reading a lot. I have a aviators avox system, my concern is can this be refill with medical oxygen? Also why is not to mention aviators if I take it to refill..? This one is all completly...
  2. Jayson

    For Sale: Aircraft 1/4 Share For Sale - 1981 Piper Seneca III PA-34-220T (6 seats)

    1/4 Share For Sale! 1981 Piper Seneca III PA-34-220T (6 seats) Asking $64,000 (obo) for a full share (4 members total) $520/month fixed rate (paid quarterly) and $215/hour wet. (Sale price includes 1/4 of current engine & maintenance reserves) Equipment: · New Paint & Interior 2014 ·...
  3. Adam Weiss

    Want To Buy Two-place O2 System

    Interested in your used Mountain High or AerOx system. 2-place for an RV-9A. Enough capacity for 2 people for 6 hours.
  4. PeterNSteinmetz

    Multiple 30 minutes segments above 12,500' prohibited?

    Does FAR 91.211 prohibit making multiple segments above 12,500 feet without supplemental oxygen in a single flight? Got into a discussion about this today. Here is the actual language from the FAR: "91.211 – Supplemental oxygen. (a) General. No person may operate a civil aircraft of U.S...
  5. nickmatic

    Mask with or without microphone?

    I've been using a cannula for years in my Mooney and each time I tell myself to look into getting a mask for the higher altitudes and O2 savings. So finally I'm looking at the Aerox 4110-712 Series. I assume for the one without a built-in mic you put your boom mic in front of the black circle...
  6. I

    For Sale Oxygen Flowmeter & 2 Oxymizer Cannulas FOR SALE

    I am selling each item a la carte to help out those that may just need an individual item, however I am offering a discount to anyone that purchases everything. The Precise Flight Flowmeter has only been used twice and the two Precise Flight Oxymizer Cannulas' have only been used once each...
  7. I

    For Sale Two Precise Flight A-5 Oxygen Flowmeters & Three Oxymizer Cannulas

    I am selling everything a la carte to help out those that may just need one cannula, however I will reduce the price for anyone that needs at least a Flowmeter & Cannula. Both Precise Flight Flowmeters have only been used twice each and all three Precise Flight Oxymizer Cannulas in my possession...
  8. Lonny Meinecke

    For Sale Sky Ox system for sale

    Hi, I have a Sky Ox system that needs a good home - I think it's new, with regulator, a bunch of cannula, carrying case, etc. - SK 12-24 Twenty four cubic foot oxygen system - 4-outlet regulator - 4 cannula carrying case - Padded carrying case for tank Need to sell... please make an offer
  9. Jeff K

    Medical 'Homefill' Oxygen?

    I picked up a Invacare Home Fill oxygen system off Facebook marketplace for $220 and it included 3 cylinders with built in conservors. This system allows you to fill your own small tanks with Oxygen. The M6 tanks I got will last 6 hours. They even have transfill adapters for standard tanks...