1. Matthew Black

    Is the term "50 Ft obstacle" just a average?

    So basically,, where did we get the 50 Ft term from? Are most trees by runway's approximately 50 Ft? Or is there something deeper I'm missing?
  2. F

    Is it possible to create a suspended runway using a zipwire?

    So I recently watched a video recently on how the US navy used a suspended runway for one of it's WWII vessels. Given the expense of constructing and maintaining a runway in remote areas for small light aircraft would this be at all feasible?
  3. TVProducer

    CFI Training - Sideloading

    Hey all, so I have begun my CFI training and I adapted quite quickly to flying and doing the maneuvers in the air without much issue but my landings have been abysmal. Today I was sideloading the right side and had too much right rudder then this afternoon the opposite and too much left. I...
  4. S

    When to pull throttle idle on landing.

    What’s up all. Hope you had a good new year. Got a question: me and my instructor have been arguing about my landings for the past couple of weeks. He wants me to pull throttle to idle right when I cross the numbers. But I’m still like 2 wing spans higher than the runway. I am arguing with...
  5. Jakey

    Flying with 2 GoPro MAX 360 Cameras

    First attempt at videoing our flight with 2 GoPro Max 360 Cameras.
  6. R

    Unable to Solo, Advice needed

    Hello Everyone I have been training for almost 9 months now. I have 55+ flight hours and over 130 landings. All of it in Cessna 152. But still I am unable to Solo. I have had trouble landings including pilot induced oscillations, hard landing, trouble landing in cross wind, not landing on...
  7. Davisando


    Hello everyone. Recently getting some study for CFI with a friend, we got into a heated argument about controlling the aircraft on approach to landing. I stated that on final, I like to maintain wings level and do small corrections with the rudder for directional control and alignment to the...
  8. W

    Trouble maintaining level flight

    New pilot here, any tips of maintain level flight during cruise? I'm confused because I have had multiple instructors tell me different techniques . One instructor told me to level at desired altitude reduce power and THEN trim until I no longer feel any pressure on the yoke. But another...
  9. A

    How Often are grass runway used, when there is a paved runway?

    Student PPL here, and I have a hypothetical situation at a certain airport which I might encounter, an uncontrolled airport with two runways: 1- Paved runway 14/32 2- grass runway 02/20 Wind will be blowing NNE or NE , anywhere from 15 to 50 degrees, which makes best runway to land is 02...
  10. dembro

    More adventures in preflighting AND $146 Girl Scout Cookies

    Hey Skypilots! After a short rain delay (for the birth of my second kid - woooo!), I'm finally back with another flight vlog. This time, it's a short flight from KMWC to KENW here in WI to buy some girl scout cookies. I'm lucky to be part of a flying club, otherwise the cookies would be WAY...
  11. M

    Exiting a Runway with a greater than 90 degree turn

    Hi All, I'm a new private pilot and had a question regarding exiting a runway with a taxiway that requires a >90 degree turn. I frequent an airport that has a runway exit with approximately a 120 degree turn. I ask ATC for approval and I usually receive an agitated response. I'll gladly keep...