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    General Aviation pilots in the Southeast

    Good Afternoon, I’m currently based out of KFFC right now. Looking to build some cross country time and checkout a few cool airports or local places to visit in the crew car. I would like to hear which airports and a few of your favorite destinations in the southeast. List 1. Home Airport Code...
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    New private pilot time builder ?

    Are there any websites for time building or social media group pages for low time pilots looking to build time together as a safety pilots? I went to a small Flight school and it wasn’t a lot of networking available for safety pilots or time builders after private. I’ve started instrument...
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    Flight School tips, especially if located in the Atlanta area

    Should I go to an actual school or just find a CFI and rent a plane to get my ppl? If you're located around Atlanta and have went to flight school at either aero atlanta, skybound aviation, all 2 fly aviation academy, or american air flight training then please let me know how your experience...