1. malcoholio

    G3x vs GTN750 'Recent Frequencies'

    Minor frustration with Garmin here. When looking at 'Recent Frequencies' on the G3x, it will show the designation of the frequency. (Tower, Approach, AWOS, etc.). The GTN, however, just shows the frequency. Not sure if there is a fix or I missed a configuration somewhere. Just annoying.
  2. N

    Does the GTX-45r qualify as a Mode S xpndr w/ G3X + GNC355?

    I have a Garmin GTX-45r mounted behind my panel, controlled through the GDU-465 display in a G3X system. The ifr navigator is a GNC-355. Does the GTX-45r qualify as a mode-s in this install, and if so, what is the best way to make sure it is setup properly?
  3. NordicDave

    Garmin G500Txi or G3X?

    Planning a panel upgrade for my 182P. Already own a mint GNS-430W, GTX-345 transponder, FS210, and PSE 450A audio panel. Also Cessna 300 Nav-O-matic auto pilot. Interesting Garmin, and not interested in Dynon. Why would someone want a G500Txi over the G3X? From what I ascertain the G500 has...
  4. N

    G3X touch + GNX375 a minimalist EAB IFR panel? Backup "gyro"(G5) req'd? GTN650 instead of GNX375?

    Go easy, I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to "technically advanced aircraft" as they relate to 91.205 and exprimental category aircraft. considering a "builder assist" EAB situation in the next year or so. They told me they could build an IFR panel on a tandem taildragger in...
  5. Adam Weiss

    GTX 45R Squawk input via GTN

    My Narco transponder Is on its way to greener pastures. I’m planning a panel upgrade to G3X Touch (experimental), but I’m not ready to do it all yet. Ideally, I want to replace the transponder now, and reuse it when I do the full panel. The GTX 45R is what I was planning for the...
  6. H

    Garmin G3X pilots guide

    Hi Bit of a long shot, but I am looking for a G3X pilots guide (hard copy)manual. I know that I can pull it down from the Garmin site, but I personally prefer a book to read rather than a laptop of tablet. printing is a pain. If anybody has one that they know longer need, please let me know.
  7. easik

    Dynon SkyView HDX OR Garmin G3X Touch

    This is probably the century old question, but I'm asking again. Some of you who follow me may already know that I'm building a Sling Tsi and I'm currently discussing with my team on choosing the right IFR panel for the airplane. My thoughts: - Most of my hours are behind Garmin avionics...
  8. Adam Weiss

    G3X Touch Autopilot w/ non-Garmin servos?

    I'm upgrading the panel in my RV-9A and looking to put in a G3X Touch. I currently have a 2-axis TruTrak autopilot. I intend to use the G3X as the autopilot. Does anyone know if I can continue to use my existing servos, or if I need to replace them with the GSA-28 servos?
  9. M

    IFR Solution for Experimentals......

    All, I asked the following of Garmin: "Can I pair the TSO's GTX345 (with WAAS GPS) to my G3X and be good for IFR flights? If the GTX345's TSO's WAAS GPS positioning is being fed to the G3X, then I would think I would be good for IFR navigation." I got this response: "I understand your line...